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White House official says Trump’s doctor meant it’s Day Three since Trump diagnosis, not 72 hours since

Brittany Jordan



President Trump’s physician provided an update on the president’s condition on Saturday and told reporters at around 11:45 a.m. that the president was 72 hours into his diagnosis.

Dr. Sean Conley clarified that the president was tested on Thursday afternoon and that they received the positive result that evening. He further explained Saturday afternoon in a statement that he incorrectly used the term “seventy two hours” instead of “day three.”

The public was not informed about the president’s diagnosis by Conley until around 1 a.m. on Friday morning, meaning it was less than 72 hours since the diagnosis when the doctor spoke to reporters.

A White House official confirmed that account to the Washington Examiner shortly after the press conference.

Dr. Brian Garabaldi said, “About 48 hours ago, the president received a special antibody therapy directed at the coronavirus.” Forty-eight hours before that pronouncement would have presumably been before Conley said the president’s positive test result came back. The White House official further clarified that the doctor meant to say that it was administered on Thursday night, not 48 hours prior.

The president attended a public event in New Jersey on Thursday, raising questions about whether or not the White House knew of the president’s diagnosis when he attended the event.

Conley said that the president has been fever-free for over 24 hours. He also said that the president’s blood pressure was normal. He said he was “extremely happy” with the president’s condition.

He added that the president is not on supplemental oxygen, nor was he on Thursday. For Friday, however, Conley seemed to leave open the possibility that the president might have been on oxygen at some point, telling reporters, “Yesterday, with the team, while we were all here, he was not on oxygen.”

Conley said this after repeatedly avoiding telling reporters if the president had been on oxygen at all in the past few days.

He would not tell reporters the date of the president’s last negative test, nor would he “get into” discussions of how or when the president was infected. Conley also avoided giving an approximate date for the president’s release, indicating the possibility that he may not be totally in the clear.

The president reportedly told doctors, “I feel like I could walk out of here today.”

Trump was transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the White House for comment on the matter but did not hear back immediately.

This article has been updated with Conley’s written statement clarifying the president’s health timeline.

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