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What is really wrong with Ukraine’s wheat that they are so desperate to ship it to only the richest nations in the world?

Justin Malonson



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Is the Zionist-controlled regime in Kiev determined to get a highly CONTAMINATED wheat crop in the stomachs of westerners after it has been contaminated by Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout … or is it because it’s the most heavily GMOed wheat in the world … or perhaps it the voluminous amounts of glyphosate used throughout Ukraine’s agriculture pushed by American Big Agra … or maybe it’s been specially grown and treated by the 43 US-sponsored biolabs strategically located across the length and breadth of the Ukraine—once the breadbasket of Russia.  In any case, the “bread and circuses” must go on in spite of the devastating Ukraine war.  Oy vey!?!?


Justin Malonson is an American internet entrepreneur, Author, Investigative Researcher, Computer Scientist & SEO Expert.

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