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Vaxxbots Are A Virus Of The Mind

Brittany Jordan



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Joe Allen knows a lot about Transhumanism and the technology being used to further its assertions. In his progression of research, he has examined just about every anti-vaxx “conspiracy theory” that has been conjured up explaining what the elitists are doing to humanity. Wild assertions, easy as they are to conjure up, simply do not make for correct understanding. We should stand on what we know, not on vain speculations. ⁃ TN Editor

In 1986, the molecular engineer Eric Drexler released a mind virus with his book Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. He described armies of microscopic robots built on the nanoscale (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter). These lil’ dudes would be smaller than blood cells and able to self-assemble into any imaginable form. Some are dream-like, others nightmarish.

Ray Kurzweil, the village elder of transhumanism, got obsessed with the idea. Tiny robots will swim through your bloodstream, he promised. They will deliver drugs, repair damaged tissues, or gnaw tumors down to nothing.

The nanobots will fill your brain and attach to every neuron. They will connect to the digital cloud, read and write your thoughts, and merge your mind with superhuman artificial intelligence. It’ll be a mini-me Singularity.

On the other hand, Eric Drexler warned that if self-replicating nanobots got out of control, they might convert everything in their path into more and more nanobots—including us—eventually covering the entire planet with a pulsating layer of micromachines.

Then it happened. As the dubious Covid jabs rolled out in 2020, mental images of nanobots started multiplying like viruses, turning millions of brains into gray goo. This undulating swarm has given me headaches ever since.

Today, there’s a thriving subculture of folks convinced that the Covid jabs contain tiny, molecular robots—or “vaxxbots,” as I call them. At this point, they’ve dreamt up every possible scenario. This crowd is super skeptical of official narratives—rightly so—but they’ll believe anything about vaxxbots. They’re the Flat Earthers of microbiology.

Not that I’m getting high and mighty here. You wouldn’t believe some of the dumb things I’ve thought were true. Hell, I wouldn’t believe the ones I still do.

In any case, if our medical establishment hadn’t lied through their teeth for the past three years, these alternate realities would never have mass appeal. But in the absence of official facts about the vaccines’ contents, their long-term effects, their ineffectiveness, and their serious dangers, a yawning void has opened where reliable information should be.

Even though serious analysts are filling that space with valid data, it’s being crowded out by the vaxxbot mind virus.

I caught the early edition in late 2020, when a friend sent an explainer video. A pretty blonde lady clasped a gold cross pendant in her gentle fingers. Knowing how to shine on camera with that sweet smile, she explained that the Covid vaccines contain hydrogel and luciferase, so they must be the work of Satan.

I informed my friend that hydrogel isn’t being used in the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Yes, it’s been proposed as a vaccine delivery system, similar to how lipid nanoparticles are used to sneak mRNA into the cell. Its polymer net can function as a matrix for biosensors, and can be manipulated to do all sorts of strange things in controlled environments. But it possesses no malevolent powers of its own.

That said, I wasn’t about to take the experimental shots. Keep me in the control group.

I also assured him that luciferase, creepy as it sounds, is a bioluminescent protein used to track gene expression in drug discovery. It’s been in use for decades. There would be no reason to put luciferase in the actual vaccines—except as a demonic prank to inject people with enzymes whose Latin name sounds like Lucifer.

“Haha, we jabbed you with the Devil! Gotcha!!”

My friend said I’d fallen under an evil spell. The Covid jabs would kill everyone injected within two years. Besides, he raved, Covid isn’t even real. It’s just a flu, bro. Literally no one has ever sequenced the Covid-19 genome. The vaxx is a ploy to KILL US ALL, and people like me are falling for it.

Now, over two years later, hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask my opinion about these stupid vaxxbots. They’re crawling out of people’s eyeballs and up the walls! They’re doin’ a TRANSHUMANISM on us!!

Well, here are my thoughts. After this, I don’t want to hear another word about it.

Spectral ©

Part of my job covering transhumanism for the War Room is to vet insane claims. Technology is scary and it’s getting scarier. So the topic attracts weirdos. (How do you think I got here?) Some weirdos are good at fact-checking, though, while others excel at making stuff up. In order to do my due diligence, I explore every lead and try to weed out the hooey.

In the case of injectable vaxxbots, I’ve been inundated with one preposterous claim after another. For example…

The vaccines contain luciferase that will turn your blood satanic. They contain luminescent quantum dots to track you. They contain “smart” hydrogel serpents that multiply and extend through your body like living spaghetti, doing all manner of mischief. They contain parasitic organisms—tiny hydras—that crawl around your innards. The jabs are actually black magic snake venom.

The vaccines are altering human DNA. Their molecular components could write “Satan” or “666” on the nucleotide letters of the genome. The jabs are the Mark of the Beast. They are writing patented codes onto the genes, meaning anyone jabbed is now a transhuman product owned by Big Pharma.

Read this, they always say. Check out this obscure study that vaguely resembles my assertion. And this one. And this one.

The vaccines contain nanobots. Just look at the patents!! The vaxx is creating “Intra-Body Nano Networks” activated by 5G wireless signals. The vaccines are a surveillance system. They are a mind control system. They are a Beast system, and if your loved ones have taken the jab, you might as well write them off as 5G zombies.

The injection sites emit Bluetooth signals. They emit Mac addresses. They are magnetic, so you can put a spoon on a jab site and it’ll just stick—sort of like when your skin is sticky with sweat, only magnetic.

The vaccines, when viewed under a microscope, reveal a variety of nanotech devices. They contain lil’ wireless routers. They contain self-assembling magnetic discs. They contain graphene oxide structures.

When our transhuman overlords flip the 5G master switch, the graphene will turn into whirling razor tornadoes that kill everyone who’s been jabbed. Or maybe it’ll be more like the zombie thing.

Look here! If you enhance this microscopic image of the vaccine, ever so slightly, you can see the vague outlines of Bigfoot and Bat Child riding the Loch Ness Monster like brokeback cowboys, with a flying saucer chasing after them. But I digress…

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The vaccines are a bioweapon, or so the story goes. They are filled with vaxxbots that connect to the quantum field. This is sort of like regular old Newtonian radiation, except not of this world and therefore magic. The vaxxbots are living, intelligent parasites formed from programmable lipid nanoparticles that use mRNA computer code to reprogram DNA into something demonic.

Just look at the patents! Here’s the receipts! Look at these random studies that contain semi-relevant keywords like “mRNA” and “lipid nanoparticle” and “artificial intelligence” and “electromagnetic.” Don’t be a hater. “Peer-reviewed!” That’s just science!

But it gets worse. These vaxxbots, powered by 5G, will fuse jabbed humans to “Ai”—which is sort of like AI, but with amateurish capitalization.

Worst of all, because we communicate with God through electromagnetic waves, and because these waves are emitted by all the devices around us, they form an energetic barrier that separates us from the divine. Apparently, God isn’t smart enough to figure out how to hack the system.

Wait. What’s that? Well, yes, it is odd that these sophisticated intra-body nano networks don’t seem to do much but cause blood clots and myocarditis. Obviously our super-brilliant transhuman overlords are still working out the bugs. What are you, a Big Pharma shill?! Look at the patents!

By the way, viruses don’t exist. No one has ever seen a virus. The electron microscope images are being misinterpreted. The many thousands of virologists around the world are just studying, well, nothing. The entire field is a fraud.

What we call “Covid-19” is a synthetic bioweapon—a lipid nanoparticle bioweapon. See, look at this fuzzy microscope image of this nanogel particle on the left (which is totally different from a lipid nanoparticle, Karen, but don’t sweat the fine details).

You see how the iron oxide structures poke outward, making a spiky ball?

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Now, look at this blurry 3D graphic of a coronavirus on the right. Look at the spike proteins that protrude everywhere. You see how the two images look similar, superficially—like if you put a blurry photo of a robot dog next to a blurry cartoon dog? The cartoon is the robot! The robot is the cartoon! The virus is just a synthetic blob!!

So, clearly, these alleged “coronaviruses” are just programmable nanogel-lipid quantum 5G parasite satanic bioweapons—just like the vaxxbots. “Trust me, I’m an expert in my field.” (Paid subscriptions only.)

Or maybe viruses do exist, some say, but they definitely don’t cause disease. If you Google “terrain theory,” you’ll learn that viruses only cause disease when the body is out of alignment. That means you only get sick if your body’s electromagnetic field isn’t harmonized. So disease-causing viruses aren’t real. But vaxxbots are.

“Okay then, would you lick a cold sore on live TV to prove it? It’s just herpes. It can’t hurt you.”

Umm… Well… What’s important here is that our crack team of nanoengineers created a patented Carbon-60 nanoparticle that will cure your vaxxbots, available in pill form. Just $66.60 a bottle!!


And so on. I guess these are the people in our lives.

Over the past two years, I’ve spent many hours going over these claims. Whenever I came across an unfamiliar concept, I read through the source material carefully. What I found is a wide array of potentially terrifying projects, but scant evidence of consistent execution, let alone large-scale deployment.

Recently, I questioned one of their “experts.” Unsurprisingly, she refused to give a meaningful answer to even the most basic query.

VERDICT: The vaxxbots are hooey. For now.

If you don’t trust my judgment, then don’t listen. I can’t prove a negative. Believe what you like.

Wear a Faraday cage on your head. Disown your jabbed family members before they turn into 5G zombies and eat your brains. Swallow heaps of Carbon-60 pills until you piss gray goo every morning. Bathe yourself in herpes. What do I care?

Besides, maybe I’m wrong. If it turns out half the planet got injected with trillions of microscopic mind-control devices—as opposed to getting brainwashed by lies on their smartphones—then these vaxxbot “whistleblowers” will surely collect Pulitzers and Nobel Prizes for their tireless research and absurd theories. And I’ll be left sitting here empty-handed.

Or worse, years on down the road, our transhuman elites really will inject the populace with nanobots. And you guys will be like, “Thought there were no nanobots, Joe! What happened?”

And I’ll be like, “There weren’t any back then!”

And ya’ll will be like, “Mmm hmmm…”

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If you go down this hare-brained rabbit hole, at least do this. When you see an extraordinary claim that cites a scientific paper, read that paper carefully. Vaxxbot “experts” tend to back up a dumb theory with random terms that sound sort of like their theory, but not really.

And remember, the only thing a patent proves is that a person had an idea and paid a few hundred bucks to own it. When you see some vaxxbot schema that cites patents, find out if the patent was ever approved, or even developed.

Inventors, corporations, and government agencies file more patents than Hunter Biden blows stones. Over 600,000 patents are filed in the US every year, and about half are approved. Worldwide, millions of patents are filed each year. With all these zany ideas floating around, only a small fraction are successfully developed, let alone licensed or commercialized.

So when vaxxbot people say “Read the patent!!” what they’re really saying is “Look at this wild idea someone paid to own.”

Lastly, ask yourself if the vaxxbot pusher is just trying to make a buck. If you’re cool with being exploited by psychic vampires, all I can say is—follow your bliss. Grifters gotta feed their kids like anyone else.

The reality is that people are born suckers. All of us. Some apply reason to work past it. Others just go with the flow.

Much like the masked-up, socially distanced morons who were sure that Covid was the next Black Plague, a smaller set of dupes want to believe in vaxxbots. They need to believe it.

Naturally, when I tell these people they’ve been lied to, they get angry at me instead of those who lied to them. And that’s just fine with me.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m an accomplished hater myself. But I’ll be focusing my hate on something else now, because this played out obsession is so f***in’ boring.

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Brittany Jordan is an award-winning journalist who reports on breaking news in the U.S. and globally for the Federal Inquirer. Prior to her position at the Federal Inquirer, she was a general assignment features reporter for Newsweek, where she wrote about technology, politics, government news and important global events around the world. Her work has also appeared in the Washington Post, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Toronto Star, Frederick News-Post, West Hawaii Today, the Miami Herald, and more. Brittany enjoys food, travel, photography, and hoarding notebooks and journals. Her goal is to do more longform features journalism, narrative writing and documentary work, and to one day write a successful novel and screenplay.

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