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Trump should break up Google’s media monopoly

Brittany Jordan



When President Trump was still on the campaign trail, he noted that Amazon is using the Washington Post (owned by Amazon) as a political instrument to avoid prosecution for its “huge antitrust problem.” President Trump is right to be concerned about Silicon Valley’s unprecedented corporate power and influence over the nation’s media, and he’s right that “we can’t let [them] get away with it.” But the greatest threat to our constitutional republic isn’t Amazon. It’s Google.

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Google’s anticompetitive use of its monopoly power is beyond doubt. A Federal Trade Commission staff report found that Google has intentionally engaged in discriminatory conduct that has strengthened its monopoly power and caused “real harm to consumers and to innovation” that “will have lasting negative effects on consumer welfare.” While the European Union is still conducting serious antitrust investigations into Google’s abuse of its monopoly power, the U.S. closed its investigation of Google after giving it little more than a slap on the wrist.

In its investigative report of the closed FTC investigation, the Wall Street Journal noted that an antitrust lawsuit against Google would have pitted the Obama administration against one of its closest corporate allies, who “was the second-largest corporate source of campaign donations to President Barack Obama’s re-election effort.” This awkward situation could explain why the Obama administration gave Google a corporate pass, but it’s not the only possibility.

Google’s practice of censoring ideas and suppressing conservative viewpoints offers an equally powerful rationale for the Google “boosterism” by both the Obama administration and the Democratic Party generally. Though the Federal Trade Commission’s findings focused on commercial speech overwhelming evidence exists that Google manipulates its search results for ideological reasons as well — to suppress conservative thought and support progressive causes. This is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Tech-left leader Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman, openly admits that search engines can “detect malicious, misleading and incorrect information [as defined by the left] and essentially have you not see it.… just take it off the page… right?… Put it somewhere else. Make it harder to find.”  For Democrats, prosecuting Google would be akin to biting the hand that feeds them.

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