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Transgender Democrat Wins Minnesota House Seat in Landslide Victory

Justin Malonson



Leigh finke. Webp

A transgender was elected to the Minnesota House in District 66A in this year’s midterm election.

Leigh Finke won in a landslide with 81% of the vote – or 15,635 votes, Fox News reported.

Finke will serve St. Paul, Falcon Heights, Roseville, and Lauderdale.

“In the last two years, we’ve been seeing just a marked increase in the coordinated attacks against trans people and trans communities in the United States and in Minnesota,” he said. “I just felt like it was absolutely essential to have someone from our community in those rooms.”

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“Many stories will be written about Minnesota’s elections. One undeniable story is the rise of Queer Political Power. 11 LGBTQ Candidates for the legislature: 11 victories. In those 11 victories are many firsts. Let’s. Make. Trouble. Onward!” Leigh Finke said.

Leigh Finke danced the night away and celebrated his win with other queers and gender-bending Democrats.


Justin Malonson is an American internet entrepreneur, Author, Investigative Researcher, Computer Scientist & SEO Expert.

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