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Top UK Immunologist Urges Investigation into Menstrual Cycle Changes and Covid Jab after 30,000 Reports .

Justin Malonson



A UK immunologist is calling for an investigation into scores of reports that the Covid vaccine has caused changes to women’s menstrual cycles.

In an editorial published Thursday in the British Medical Journal, Dr. Viki Male, an immunologist and reproductive lecturer at Imperial College London, urged UK health regulators to investigate reports of menstrual changes.

“Changes to periods and unexpected vaginal bleeding are not listed, but primary care clinicians and those working in reproductive health are increasingly approached by people who have experienced these events shortly after vaccination,” Male wrote under a sub-headline stating, “A link is plausible and should be investigated.”

“More than 30,000 reports of these events had been made to MHRA’s yellow card surveillance scheme for adverse drug reactions by 2 September 2021, across all Covid-19 vaccines currently offered.”

Male says while studies have dismissed the Covid vaccine’s affect on fertility, the fact there have been numerous reports of menstrual changes may suggest it’s an immune response to the vaccine.

“Menstrual changes have been reported after both mRNA and adenovirus vectored covid-19 vaccines, suggesting that, if there is a connection, it is likely to be a result of the immune response to vaccination rather than a specific vaccine component,” she wrote.

“Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) has also been associated with menstrual changes,” Male added.

Male argues more research is needed to investigate the mechanism causing the suspected immune reaction.

Male’s call for an investigation comes several months after Infowars reported on the bizarre menstrual issues affecting women, some of whom claimed they also suffered miscarriages.

The issues were documented in an Instagram feed that went viral with women posting their own personal stories of menstrual cycle changes, including “heavier and more painful periods” and “breakthrough bleeding in the middle of a cycle after getting the shot.”

In a recent video describing severe vaccine side effects published by a vaccine injury victim, she described having 6 “heavy” menstrual cycles within four months.

“Since the vaccination on the third of May, I’ve had 6 menstrual periods so heavy that I wanted to faint,” the woman stated.

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FERTILITY ALERT: COVID Vaccine Alters Womens’ Menstrual Cycles

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