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Things Go Hilariously Wrong When ‘Rabbis’ Join Rashida Tlaib’s Latest Ceasefire Rally .

Justin Malonson



What happens when a progressive Democrat tries to use someone else’s religion as a political prop? Things go hilariously wrong. 

On Sunday, a group of “rabbis” joined Rashida Tlaib’s latest “ceasefire now” rally in the nation’s capital. As part of the event, readings from the Torah were given. That’s when things got really awkward and funny. Why? Because the passage being read aloud promotes Zionism, i.e. the promise of Israel to the Jews.

Chaya Raichik, who also runs the Libs of TikTok account, posted two videos where you can hear the reader’s voice drop to a whisper. Even more laughable, the English translation given to the crowd was “I’m skipping a lot of parts here.” 

There’s a lot going on in those videos that’s worth discussing. For one, why is everyone on stage wearing a mask? Are we still doing the COVID panic thing nearly four years later? Or is it some show of solidarity with the pro-Hamas protesters who always wear masks at their protests? I don’t know, but it’s a weird scene to witness outdoors on a sunny day in November.

Regardless, here’s the reality that these progressive Jews have to deal with. Their religion, like it or not, is heavily predicated on the idea that the land of Israel was promised to them by God. Those passages in the Torah aren’t going away just because they’d rather put Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in charge.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting everyone has to believe in Zionism. Obviously, people of all religions are free to hold whatever beliefs about the matter they’d like. Rather, I’m speaking practically about the implications of trying to turn Judaism into a bludgeon against the State of Israel. It just doesn’t work. Instead of a powerful show of opposition, you get these painfully awkward moments where whole parts of Judaism are glossed over or misconstrued in order to fit the moment.

With all that said, there’s something pretty disgusting about Tlaib, a Muslim (and a rather radical one), using progressive Jews as tokens at her events. Imagine the outcry that would occur if a Republican Jew held a rally with a group of Muslim Imams who then proceeded to read the Quran while skipping over the inconvenient parts. The cries of bigoted appropriation from Tlaib herself would be deafening, and we all know it.

Justin Malonson is an is an American internet entrepreneur, software developer, investor, author and technology executive. He is the founder of social-networking service Lyfeloop and CEO of international web-development agency Coastal Media Brand.

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