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The Hunt for Classified Documents Continues as FBI Searches Mike Pence’s $1.9M Mansion

Ashley Jarrett



On Friday, FBI agents arrived at the mansion of former Vice President Mike Pence to search it for additional classified documents.

Police car blocking entrance to Mike Pence’s home as reporters wait outside

In late January, former Vice President Mike Pence turned over two boxes of classified documents to the FBI that his attorney found at his home in Indiana. Pence claimed that he had his attorney search his home “out of an abundance of caution” following the discovery of Joe Biden’s classified documents at his think tank office and his home in Delaware.

After turning in the documents, Pence apologized while speaking at Florida International University, saying, “While I was not aware that the classified documents were in our personal residence, let me be clear, those classified documents should not have been in my personal residence. Mistakes were made and I take full responsibility.”

At least he took responsibility, while the President of the United States waited two months to inform the public of the uncovered documents, and continues to blame other people for the documents found at his personal residence.

What made the revelation especially embarrassing for Pence, though, is that following the Mar-A-Lago raid and media hysteria over Trump bringing documents to his home, Pence made the rounds to different fake news media outlets to bash Trump for having classified documents in his home. Pence was likely attempting to build his image as a good and responsible Republican leader as he is reportedly planning to run against President Trump for President in 2024.

Now, FBI agents are conducting their own search of the VP’s $1.9 million home in Indiana. The federal agency reportedly arrived at Pence’s home hours after he was subpoenaed by special counsel Jack Smith, who is conducting an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents.

Mike Pence’s $1.9 million mansion in Indiana

At this time, there is no report on the FBI’s findings from the search of Pence’s home.

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