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The Democrats Are Totally Abusing Nonprofit Vehicles – Use Them in Efforts to Steal the 2020 Election

Ashley Jarrett



The Democrats are making a mockery of the non-profit industry.  They label their political entities as nonprofits so they can give their billionaire supporters tax deductions while they push liberal communist policies.

The Democrats’ favorite attorney Mark Elias’ favorite hammer is a nonprofit. Currently, he is working with Democrat nonprofit “Protect Democracy Project,” a 501(c)(3) charity, which is required by law, more so than other types of nonprofits, to remain strictly nonpartisan. (This act doesn’t look non-partisan.)

But by working with Elias this group is clearly not non-partisan.  We wrote about this yesterday:

Arizona Should Sue the Far-Left ‘Protect Democracy Project’ for Misrepresenting Itself and Claiming It’s Not Political Which Doesn’t Appear to Be the Case

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Perkins Coie and Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s consigliere, were, responsible for the fabricated and discredited Steele Dossier which was a vicious, partisan attempt by the Democrats to remove Republican President Donald Trump from office.

The Protect Democracy Project (PDP) nonprofit, which is in reality functioning as a weaponized, political tool of the Democrats, sicced not one, not two, but three law firms on the Arizona Senate’s audit teams: Perkins Coie and two Arizona firms, Coppersmith Brockelman, and Barton Mendez Soto. With a hefty $12.4 million in revenue as of 2019 and a whopping 72 staff members, many of whom are attorneys, the PDP is a rich and powerful nonprofit and can afford to engage the legal muscle needed to enforce the Democrat billionaire’s will.

We’ve reported on how the PDP is tied to Soros, China, Obama, and Biden as well:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: ‘Protect Democracy Project’ – The Group Threatening Arizona Auditors Is Connected to Obama, Soros, China and Biden’s DOJ

This charity effectively provides Perkins Coie with the one-off camo and the appearance of do-gooders doing good necessary so that it can actually execute the raw will of the national Democratic machine, without appearing to do so.

Never mind the will of the people of Arizona and their state Senate and never mind IRS rules which require this type of NFP – a (c)(3) – to never, ever take political sides. Perkins Coie and its nonprofit lapdog have a mission to stop the Maricopa County audit and laws, rules, and the will of the Arizona people are simply in their way.

This nonprofit’s actions are an attempt to interfere in the process of securing an honest, accurate, and trustworthy ballot audit and its interference favor of the Democratic Party. That’s anything but nonpartisan nonprofit activity!

As expected, the day the letter was released, on April 6, 2021, Marc Elias’s website, Democracy Docket LLC, issued a statement about it. It revealed that even more threats and more nonprofit and legal muscle will be coming down the pike if the Arizona Senate does not back down:

Multiple voting rights lawyers and advocacy groups have signed a letter outlining their intention to sue if the unfounded Republican-led audit of Maricopa County’s election results goes forward with their planned intimidation tactics…

Who is Marc Elias? Why does his name always appear whenever there are Democrat elections which need fixing? A partner at the powerful Perkins Coie law firm, he is the head of its political law practice, which assists Democratic political committees and candidates (e.g., Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, the DNC, House & Senate Majority PACs). Influence Watch states that:

Following the November 2018 mid-term election, Elias and the Perkins-Coie political law group will have as clients all but three of the Democratic U.S. Senators, and 100 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Furthermore, billionaire George Soros money follows where Marc Elias goes. In 2016, Soros gave $5 million to Elias and his firm to challenge photo ID requirements at polling places. When Elias joined the board of Priorities USA in 2017, which has similar “election integrity” goals (and, naturally, a related nonprofit, Priorities USA Action), Soros, in 2018, donated $5 million to its super PAC.

We wrote after the election about Democrat nonprofits that were used to steal the election in Georgia:

Numerous Democrat Led Non-Profits Are Connected to Likely Illegal Absentee Ballot Harvesting in Georgia After the Election

The Democrats’ use and abuse of the nonprofit sector should be addressed and would be if Republicans were awake and the Justice System was just.

Formerly an online tech and science reporter at The Sun Online, Ashley stepped up to the mantle of technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph late last year. She writes about everything from drones, web security and cryptocurrency to social media apps, like Facebook and Spotify, and technology brands including Apple and Toshiba.

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