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TGP’S Jordan Conradson Joins Pete Santilli to Talk America’s Audit (VIDEO)

Justin Malonson



The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson joined Pete Santilli on The Pete Santilli Show to discuss what is happening with the Arizona audit on Sunday. 

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Senate will hold a hearing on the progress of the Arizona audit on Thursday morning.

BREAKING: Arizona Senate to Hold Hearing Thursday Morning at 10 AM on Arizona Election Audit

Maricopa County and Arizona Secretary of State Karie Hobbs have done everything in their power to stop this election audit. Their intense pushback has raised suspicions as to why they do not want a full forensic audit performed. State delegations from across the country have toured the Arizona audit and they all agree, this is the “gold standard” audit. State Senators across the country, inspired by the bravery shown in Arizona, are now beginning audits in their states.

TRENDING: LIVE STREAM VIDEO: Arizona Senate Hearing on Maricopa County Audit Results at 10 AM PT or 1 PM ET

The Freight Train of Audits is in full steam.

Jordan Conradson dispelled the outrageous allegations from the left and the County, and provided updates on America’s audits.


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