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Ted Floats Michelle, Joe Flacks Hunter, Fetterman Flouts Decorum




Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 – Ted Cruz Has a Very Interesting Theory on Who Will Replace Joe Biden in 2024 — by Bonchie

It’s an interesting theory. Barack Obama was obviously beloved by not just the far-left, but independents as well. He’s term-limited, but his wife isn’t, and she’s been above the political fray for much of the last decade. Michelle Obama doesn’t have all the bumps and bruises that have made Harris largely unelectable. 

The former first lady would be able to enter the arena as the “adult in the room,” offering a break from the current political ranks, or at least that’s what the narrative would be. After all, why put in an almost-sure loser when you’ve got an almost-sure winner sitting on the sidelines? 

Is it that simple for Democrats, though? I’d suggest it’s not. Rather, you can’t talk about political scenarios without taking into account the arrogance of your average politician. Would Harris simply step aside because the Obamas told her to? Would Pete Buttigieg sit on the sidelines while possibly losing another eight years toward his sky-high aspirations? Would Gavin Newsom, who desperately wants to be the president, put a smile on his face and remain in California?

#2 – GOP Drops ‘Devastating’ Video of Joe and Hunter Biden Talking ‘Business’ With Potential Client — by Nick Arama

At such events most politicians, if they bring anyone, it’s their spouse. But Joe Biden, the keynote speaker at the dinner, took along Hunter. Gee, three guesses as to why. Joe Biden works the room and introduces Hunter to various people. The whole C-Span video is remarkable for how much Joe Biden has deteriorated since then; it’s marked. He’s working the whole room, completely coherent the whole time, if a bit pandering and garrulous. But still not weird and inappropriate like he has become now. It’s almost sad, when you realize what he once was and what he is now. 

In the clip, Joe and Hunter are talking with two people who appear to be a husband and a wife. Joe says, “Maybe we can work something out.” 

“Yeah, yeah, that is what we will do,” the woman responds. 

The man said, “Hunter was just telling me about his law firm in Washington, his law firm.”

“Yeah,” Joe acknowledges him. 

“Do you have a card by any chance?” the man queried Hunter. Then he offers to give Hunter his card. 

Hunter claims he gave all his cards away. Guess having Daddy working the room for him was very successful.

#3 – Fetterman Gets Blasted for Vile Comment About GOP That Even Seems to Leave Chris Hayes Speechless — by Nick Arama 

“The House, the whatever they call themselves Team America or whatever they call themselves, bring your vote otherwise they need to go hump a different leg,” Fetterman said. 

Even rabid Democrat Chris Hayes was silent for a moment after that, perhaps taken aback, and then he changed the subject. But it was too late.

What the heck was that comment? And how vile is Fetterman when he talks about his colleagues like that? So now, not only can they dress like trash, but they can talk that way too without behaving like an adult with decorum. I’m not sure what he was trying to say; perhaps that was a comment on the Freedom Caucus, but he couldn’t get that right or deliberately was mocking it. But this is so beneath the Senate. 

#4 – Biden Reveals He’s Told What to Do, Almost Knocks Over Flag, and Brazilian President’s Unique Reaction — by Nick Arama 

Who is telling the alleged leader of the free world what he can do behind the scenes? 

They likely didn’t want him going off on tangents, which he did. 

Biden says his father taught him a job is about “self-respect.” Unfortunately, I think if he or anyone in his family cared about his self-respect, they never would have let him run for office knowing the condition he was in. As some pointed out, given the problems of his family, particularly his son, perhaps he’s not the guy who can talk successfully on this topic. 

He also had to use a script even for these brief perfunctory remarks, and he revealed that they were “mobilizing hundreds of millions of dollars” for “ecosystems in Latin America.” 

#5 – WATCH: Bill Melugin Mic Drops KJP on Biden Border Crisis After Meltdown Over Peter Doocy’s Questions — by Sister Toldjah 

Later, Melugin reported that Biden’s DHS acknowledged the border surge in a phone call, but faulted “the economic fallout from COVID, to climate change, and to authoritarian regimes.” Melugin scoffed at the climate change excuse, telling Fox News that he’s never had a single illegal immigrant tell him that’s why they were crossing:

DHS “acknowledged that there is a surge in the border numbers rn, but attributed [it] to economic fallout from COVID, to climate change, and to authoritarian regimes. Guys, in the more than two years I’ve been doing this, the amount of migrants that have told me climate change is a reason they are coming here would be zero. Zero…[Y]ou guys see the result right here. This has been going on all morning long, you guys have been watching the drone shots.”

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