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Trending News3 hours ago

Stop ‘Doing Your Own Research’ .

People “doing their own research” is highly problematic and hurting the government’s pandemic response, CNN reports. What’s the problem with...

Trending News4 hours ago

County Clerk Submits Report That Colorado Secretary of State And Dominion ‘Destroyed’ Election Data .

Mesa County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Tina M. Peters has submitted a forensic examination report to the Mesa County commissioners....

Trending News5 hours ago

Joe Biden Plans Bringing 10 Times as Many Refugees to U.S. Next Year .

President Joe Biden is planning to bring to the United States in Fiscal Year 2022 about 10 times as many...

Trending News1 day ago

J6 ‘Chaos’ Total Bust For Media As Cops, Journalists And FBI Appear To Outnumber Protesters .

Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally appears to have been – in the words of Donald Trump, “a setup” – after police, journalists...

Trending News1 day ago

Invasion Force of Thousands Of Haitians Heading Toward Southern Border .

Shocking exclusive footage reveals a second new migrant caravan 20,000-strong heading for McAllen, Texas, over 300 miles southeast of Del...

Trending News2 days ago

Forget 5G, China Leads The 6G Charge .

While the world is still very much in the transition phase with 5G, research is already well underway for the next iteration...

Trending News3 days ago

India State of 241 MILLION People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin .

The state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has the equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been...

Trending News3 days ago

Instagram blocks results for “natural immunity” hashtag .

Instagram has blocked the results page for the use of the hashtag #naturalimmunity. When the hashtag is selected, Instagram says,...

Trending News3 days ago

Restaurants Remove Crab From Menus Due To Skyrocketing Prices .

Restaurants have suffered throughout the virus pandemic, and the shortage of everything doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. We...

San Antonio Democrats Triggered By Pro-choice Vaccine Billboards Promoting Informed Consent . San Antonio Democrats Triggered By Pro-choice Vaccine Billboards Promoting Informed Consent .
Trending News4 days ago

San Antonio Democrats Triggered By Pro-choice Vaccine Billboards Promoting Informed Consent .

Democrat city leaders are flummoxed by billboards going up around San Antonio urging drivers not to be bullied into being...

Trending News4 days ago

Biden Regime BANS Drones From Flying Over Del Rio Bridge After Fox News Exposes Migrant Invasion .

Less than 24 hours after Fox News documented a shocking 10,000-plus strong Haitian migrant army amassing under the Del Rio...

Trending News4 days ago

San Francisco Mayor Breaks Health Order to Party with BLM Co-founder at Nightclub .

The mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, was witnessed having a night out on the town, partying without regard for...

Trending News5 days ago

Trump SecDef Refutes Milley’s ‘Regular Comms’ Excuse, Calls For Immediate Resignation .

Update (1800ET): While General Milley and The White House must be hoping that if they just keep pointing the finger at...

Trending News5 days ago

Virginia Tech Instructor Apologises In Syllabus For Being White .

An instructor at Virginia Tech has been criticised by students for issuing a bizarre apology for having white skin, contained...

Trending News5 days ago

Nicki Minaj Fans Protest Covid Vaccine Outside CDC HQ .

Fans of Nicki Minaj gathered to protest the Covid-19 vaccine after the pop star claimed it harmed a friend of...

Trending News5 days ago

NYC Restaurant Kicks Out Black Family For Not Showing Vax Passport .

Viral footage out of New York shows a black family being told to leave a restaurant because they wouldn’t show...

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