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Taliban in afghanistan 1200x630 Taliban in afghanistan 1200x630
Trending News2 mins ago

Taliban Making Hay With the Staggering Amount of Military Gear Left in Afghanistan .

When Joe Biden ordered the chaotic, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, he didn’t just leave behind our dignity,...

Miserable mooch face Miserable mooch face
Trending News1 hour ago

Is Miserable Michelle The Reason Barack Obama Isn’t Wearing Wedding Ring He Used To Wear While President?

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Barack Obama, the man who loves to receive glowing coverage by his friends in...

Train derailment north dakota 1200x630 Train derailment north dakota 1200x630
Trending News2 hours ago

Another Massive Train Derailment With a Hazardous Materials Spill .

There’s been another train derailment. This one involved a 70-car Canadian Pacific train that was hauling hazardous materials around Wyndmere,...

Img 3827 1 Img 3827 1
Trending News3 hours ago

Chargers Lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day Says He Was Sexually Assaulted by TSA Agent in SoCal

Los Angeles Chargers lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day said TSA agents at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California sexually assaulted him...

Tbidirectordavidrausch1 1200x630 Tbidirectordavidrausch1 1200x630
Trending News4 hours ago

TBI Director Nails It in Defense of Prayer After Nashville School Shooting .

We reported earlier on the deadly mass shooting that took place in Nashville Monday where an as-yet-to-be-identified 28-year-old woman, an...

Image 12 27 22 at 11. 37 am 600x245 Image 12 27 22 at 11. 37 am 600x245
Trending News5 hours ago

JUST IN: Maricopa County Superior Court Rescinds Order Setting Dates for Kari Lake’s Ballot Signature Fraud Challenge as Supreme Court Extends Deadlines for Sanctions and Responses – ORDER INCLUDED Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a Minute Entry on Saturday, rescinding his previous order outlining the...

Nashville shooting presser 1200x630 Nashville shooting presser 1200x630
Trending News6 hours ago

Female Shooter, Six Killed, ‘Gun Safety’ Lobbyist Hijacks End of Police Presser .

There’s now more information about the shooting at the private Nashville Christian elementary school, The Covenant School, which is a...

Img 3805 2 Img 3805 2
Trending News7 hours ago

Kamala Harris Absurdly Claims Americans Are Recovering From High Prices Because of Joe Biden’s Hard Work (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris traveled to Ghana on Sunday to kick off her week long visit to Africa. But she won’t visit...

Rs breaking 2 1200x630 Rs breaking 2 1200x630
Trending News8 hours ago

Shooting at Nashville Christian Elementary School, At Least Three Killed, Multiple Shot .

Authorities in Nashville have confirmed a shooting at the Covenant School, which is a private Christian elementary school for students...

Zjq92 600x400 1 Zjq92 600x400 1
Trending News9 hours ago

Trump as NYC Grand Jury Reconvenes: “Election Interference Through Prosecutors is the New “Ballot Stuffing” For the Democrat Party!!!”

The New York City Grand Jury investigating the junk charges against President Trump reconvened on Monday. Trump has been accused...

Nk ballistic missile tests reuters graphics Nk ballistic missile tests reuters graphics
Trending News10 hours ago

North Korea Stages Yet Another Ballistic Missile Launch as U.S. and South Korea Conduct Combined Naval Exercise .

Kim Jong Un is at it again. According to South Korea’s military, North Korea launched two more short-range ballistic missiles...

Undercover cop j6 dc tunnel Undercover cop j6 dc tunnel
Trending News11 hours ago

DIRTY COPS, DIRTY MEDIA… REVEALED: Undercover Police Helped Steal Police Riot Shields and Passed Through Broken Glass Doors on Jan. 6

Undercover cop filming and participating in the violence on Jan. 6. This won’t make any headlines in the fake news....

Freespeechenthusiast twitter leak source code 600x317 Freespeechenthusiast twitter leak source code 600x317
Trending News12 hours ago

Twitter’s Source Code Publishes Online Forcing Elon Musk to File Lawsuit – So Who Did It? Angry Leftist or Feds?

Parts of Twitter’s source code were leaked online in January forcing Elon Musk to file a recent lawsuit to find...

Maga black girls women trump 600x427 Maga black girls women trump 600x427
Trending News13 hours ago

Must See… Black Lives MAGA Video from Waco Rally!

ULTRA MAGA PARTY released another TERRIFIC VIDEO on Sunday. President Trump held his first campaign rally of the season Saturday...

3 270 600x370 3 270 600x370
Trending News14 hours ago

AOC Joins and Defends TikTok — Does Not Disclose That the Platform’s Chinese Parent Company Donated $150,000 Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Over the weekend, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined TikTok to support the app as Congress works to ban it over its...

Israel protests 1200x630 Israel protests 1200x630
Trending News15 hours ago

Mass Protests Erupt on the Streets of Tel Aviv as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Fires Defense Minister .

Huge crowds filled the streets of Tel Aviv Sunday night after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu axed his defense minister over...

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