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Pro-Hamas Activists Crash Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, Battle Police; Arrests Ensue .

The pro-Hamas activists seem to be hitting all the notable Christmas tree lightings.  They hit the one that Joe Biden...

Trending News1 hour ago

BREAKING: Henry Kissinger Dead at 100

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has passed away. He was 100 years old. Henry Kissinger, one of the most...

Trending News2 hours ago

Elon Musk Launches Into Profanity-Filled Criticism of Disney on Live Television .

Elon Musk took the gloves off on CNBC on Wednesday, launching into a profanity-filled answer to a question about Disney. ...

Trending News3 hours ago

Ireland’s “Media Minister” Calls on Public to Report any Hate Speech Online Following Stabbing Attack by Algerian Migrant on Children (VIDEO)

Ireland’s “Media Minister” Catherine Martin announces new regulations on speech. Ireland’s “Media Minister” Catherine Martin called on the public to...

Trending News4 hours ago

PETA Is Indoctrinating Children by Pushing Extreme ‘Animal Rights’ Agenda in the Classroom .

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is known for its wild-eyed activists making weird and hysterical arguments in...

Trending News5 hours ago

Joe Biden on a Hot Mic: “Look, My Marine Has a Code to Blow Up the World” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Pueblo, Colorado to tour CS Wind – the largest wind tower manufacturer in the...

Trending News6 hours ago

Venezuela Signals It May Invade Guyana to Enforce Annexation Referendum .

Brazil is mobilizing forces and sending them to the Guyana-Venezuela border as intelligence indicators point to a possible Venezuelan invasion...

Trending News8 hours ago

Dr. Peter McCullough Urges Preparedness on News of Chinese Pneumonia Outbreak

(Note: Thank you for supporting businesses like the one presenting a sponsored message below and ordering through the links below,...

Trending News9 hours ago

Hypocrisy and Self-Unawareness on Full Display As Worldwide Elitists Gather for UN Summit .

You have to admit, sometimes half the fun of being a conservative is watching the left make utter buffoons of...

Trending News10 hours ago

What Supreme Court Ruling? Joe Biden Emails 800,000 Borrowers About Student Loan Debt Relief to Buy Their Votes Next Year

The Biden regime is not letting the Constitution get in the way of buying off young voters who have soured...

Trending News11 hours ago

Here’s How Desperate Elissa Slotkin Is to Avoid Questions About Her Indefensible Defense of Rashida Tlaib .

We reported in early November about the pretzel shapes Michigan Democrats were twisting themselves into in trying to defend/coddle anti-Israel...

Trending News12 hours ago

Vast Majority of US Workers Believe Artificial Intelligence Could Do Their Jobs

(Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay) Two-thirds of American workers believe that artificial intelligence could do their jobs, according to a...

Trending News13 hours ago

Another Investigation Opens Into Leadership Misconduct .

Things at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) just seem to keep getting worse. On Tuesday, it was reported that...

Trending News14 hours ago

Time to Drawdown From Syria

US troops continue to be attacked in Syria and Iraq since the Oct. 7 massacre in southern Israel. This article...

Trending News15 hours ago

Embarrassing Slander of Young KC Chiefs Fan Gets Better…for the Kid

For a few days now, the news cycle has been consumed with the story of a writer at Deadspin —...

Trending News16 hours ago

After Defaming Child with Deceptive ‘Blackface’ Photo, Deadspin Writer Deletes Deranged Tweet Doubling Down

*Paging Nick Sandmann’s lawyers* Deadspin writer Carron Phillips smeared an innocent child who attended Sunday’s Kansas City vs Las Vegas game by...

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