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Screen shot 2022 07 03 at 4. 47. 03 pm scaled Screen shot 2022 07 03 at 4. 47. 03 pm scaled
Trending News4 hours ago

24-Year-Old UPS Driver Collapses and Dies While Delivering Packages in SoCal

A UPS driver was found dead after he passed out in his truck at the end of his delivery day...

Img 5183 1 Img 5183 1
Trending News9 hours ago

Kamala Harris Laughs at Americans Struggling to Afford Gas (VIDEO)

The current price for a gallon of regular gas in the United States hit $4.84 on Friday before the 4th...

Img 2526 600x336 Img 2526 600x336
Trending News14 hours ago

Orlando Promotes Fireworks By Saying People ‘Probably Don’t Want to Celebrate Our Nation Right Now’ Because It’s Full of ‘Hate’

The city of Orlando has issued a statement saying that they “regret” sending out an email promoting their fireworks display...

Trump mount rushmore speech Trump mount rushmore speech
Trending News19 hours ago

Watch Trump’s Inspiring July 4th 2020 Speech At Mount Rushmore (VIDEO)

Do you remember President Trump’s inspiring July 4th speech at Mount Rushmore in 2020? Maybe you remember it but not...

Zjq92 600x400 1 Zjq92 600x400 1
Trending News1 day ago

Trump’s Social Media Company Subpoenaed by Federal Grand Jury

A federal grand jury and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) subpoenaed President Trump’s social media company on Friday. According...

Patriot front boston Patriot front boston
Trending News1 day ago

The Feds in Khaki Pants Group Also Called the Patriot Front Are Marching in Boston Today

The very threatening Patriot Front group, that likes to march in formation in khaki pants and ride in Uhaul trucks...

Screen shot 2022 07 02 at 10. 02. 08 am Screen shot 2022 07 02 at 10. 02. 08 am
Trending News1 day ago

Health Officials Take Action as Syphilis Cases in Missouri Reach Record Highs

Photo: Getty Images According to the Missouri Department of Health, there has been an increase in the number of cases...

D058d20f 9538 4e46 b252 52cfffa8e8f3 scaled D058d20f 9538 4e46 b252 52cfffa8e8f3 scaled
Trending News2 days ago

Actor Who Tested Positive with Monkeypox Blasts US CDC for Slow Response

Matt Ford, an American actor and a proud openly gay man, has become the first person to publicly admit to...

David axelrod on biden David axelrod on biden
Trending News2 days ago

‘There Is This Sense That Things Are Kind Of Out Of Control’ (VIDEO)

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod appeared on CNN this week and talked with Jake Tapper about how things are going...

Img 5150 1 Img 5150 1
Trending News2 days ago

Massive Migrant Caravan of Thousands of Military-Aged Males March to US Border After Supreme Court Overturns Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy (VIDEO)

A massive caravan largely comprised of military-aged males left Tapachula, Mexico very early Friday and is en route to the...

Matt gaetz 3 Matt gaetz 3
Trending News2 days ago

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces the ‘Disarm the IRS Act’ of 2022

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has introduced legislation to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from acquiring, by purchase or otherwise, any...

German officials laugh trump un German officials laugh trump un
Trending News2 days ago

Wood-burning Stoves and Firewood in Short Supply in Germany as Citizens Fear Freezing to Death Due to Gas Shortages

In 2018 during his speech to the UN General Assembly President Donald Trump lodged a warning to Germany about their...

Manchin sinema screengrab Manchin sinema screengrab
Trending News3 days ago

In Huge Blow to Joe Biden, Manchin and Sinema Will NOT Kill Filibuster For Abortion Law

Joe Biden on Thursday launched a vicious attack on the Supreme Court at a post-NATO summit press conference in Madrid,...

Jon voight impeach biden Jon voight impeach biden
Trending News3 days ago

Actor Jon Voight Calls For Joe Biden To Be Impeached: ‘We Cannot Wait’ (VIDEO)

As an open conservative, the actor Jon Voight is a rare man in Hollywood. He recently uploaded a video of...

Img 5087 2 Img 5087 2
Trending News3 days ago

Abraham Lincoln Bust, Gettysburg Address Plaque Removed From Cornell University Library Because Someone Complained

A bust of Abraham Lincoln as well as a Gettysburg Address plaque was removed from Cornell University’s library because someone...

Van gogh green protest Van gogh green protest
Trending News3 days ago

Unhinged Climate Activists Glue Their Hands on Van Gogh Painting in London to Protest Global Warming

A pair of Green activists glued themselves on the frame of a Vincent Van Gogh painting in a London gallery...

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