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Biden plans to issue a new anti-domestic terrorism law as

OAN Newsroom UPDATED 6:34 AM PT – Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Lawmakers may be looking to use the controversial 2001 Patriot Act against people arrested at the January 6 capitol protest. One America’s Shane Althaus has more. var player = videojs(“v-d5f1d83d-aa0a-4ace-86f7-3d0e946963ae”); player.vastAds({ tagURL: “https://tv.springserve.com/vast/627530?w=640&h=400&cb=0000&url=https://d1cc0p6j4uj4n9.cloudfront.net/4c1daf48-6038-4e73-9f01-814606b37084/mp4/d5f1d83d-aa0a-4ace-86f7-3d0e946963ae_Mp4_Avc_Aac_16x9_1280x720p_30Hz_3.5Mbps_qvbr.Read More