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Trending News46 mins ago

Satanic Temple Installs ‘Serpent of Genesis’ Statue Inside the Illinois State Capitol

The Satanic Temple has installed a “Serpent of Genesis” statue inside the Illinois State Capitol. Last year, the Satanic Temple...

Screenshot dan bongino on dec. 8 fox news hannity 1200x630 Screenshot dan bongino on dec. 8 fox news hannity 1200x630
Trending News2 hours ago

Dan Bongino Lights up the Legacy Media on Twitter Revelations Confirming Their Collusion With Government and Big Tech .

Dan Bongino appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday regarding the revelations from independent journalist Bari Weiss’ drop of Elon...

Tamari key 21 1024x576 1 Tamari key 21 1024x576 1
Trending News3 hours ago

Tennessee Senior Center Tamari Key Out for Season Due to Blood Clots in Her Lungs

Photo/Tennessee Athletics Tamari Key, a senior center basketball player for the Tennessee Lady Vols, has been sidelined for the season...

Mayra flores bp Mayra flores bp
Trending News8 hours ago

Border Patrol Agents Feel Abandoned By The Biden Administration (VIDEO)

The situation at the southern border is far worse than the media or Democrats even realize. Fourteen Border Patrol agents...

Sam brinton 1200x630 Sam brinton 1200x630
Trending News11 hours ago

‘Non-Binary’ Biden Official Who Stole Designer Luggage From Airport Charged With Second Incident In Las Vegas .

A felony arrest warrant has been issued in Las Vegas for Biden official Sam Brinton. He is a deputy assistant...

Andres balanta Andres balanta
Trending News12 hours ago

22-Year-Old Colombian Defensive Midfielder Dies Suddenly After Collapsing in Training

Andres Balanta, a Colombian midfielder for the Argentinean team Atletico Tucuman, died at the age of 22 after collapsing during...

Stop the steal 1 Stop the steal 1
Trending News13 hours ago

Democrats Usurp Control of Pennsylvania House Despite GOP Holding the Majority

Democratic cheating to win elections is ubiquitous and a tale old as time. The power grab they pulled off in...

Fjyhjntxwaavpzz Fjyhjntxwaavpzz
Trending News14 hours ago

Putin’s War, Week 41. The Mud Freezes in Ukraine Setting the Stage for the Next Round of Fighting .

Today marks 287 days or 41 weeks since Vladimir Putin’s rather inept army crossed the border into  Ukraine. The rainy...

Iran thugs fire protesters Iran thugs fire protesters
Trending News16 hours ago

Iranian Security Forces Target Female Protestors With Bullets to Faces, Breasts and Genitals

Since the murder of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini from injuries sustained at the hands of regime thugs after her arrest for...

D7hftxdivxxvm. Cloudfront. Webp D7hftxdivxxvm. Cloudfront. Webp
Trending News17 hours ago

House Passes Bill to Codify Same-Sex Marriage

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill to codify same-sex marriage. The Senate passed the same measure last...

Military vaccine 1 Military vaccine 1
Trending News19 hours ago

House Passes National Defense Funding Bill That Rescinds US Military’s Covid Vaccine Mandate

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a national defense funding bill that rolls back the US military’s Covid vaccine...

Capture 1200x630 Capture 1200x630
Trending News20 hours ago

Teacher Who Gave Sex Toys to Children Runs from Project Veritas .

On Thursday, RedState reported on an undercover video taken by Project Veritas of a Chicago teacher who bragged about handing...

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Trending News21 hours ago

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Makes Shocking Request of Elon Musk

The dramatic revelations coming out of the “Twitter Files” haven’t stopped yet, and the developing side stories are a look...

Dean of students joseph bruno francis w. Parker school. Project veritas 1200x630 Dean of students joseph bruno francis w. Parker school. Project veritas 1200x630
Trending News22 hours ago

Project Veritas Exposes School Dean Handing Out Sex Toys to Children, School’s Response Makes It Worse .

Project Veritas has dropped another shocking video that’s going to raise a lot of eyebrows. This video features Joseph Bruno,...

Img 0620 1 Img 0620 1
Trending News23 hours ago

Celine Dion Cancels All 2023 Shows, Reveals She Has Rare, Incurable Neurological Disease (VIDEO)

Canadian singer, songwriter Celine Dion, 54, revealed on Thursday that she has a rare and incurable neurological disease. Celine Dion...

Gateway 24 600x341 Gateway 24 600x341
Trending News1 day ago

“I Can Name Them ALL!”

RINOs in the Republican party and the media are trying to blame Donald Trump for the results of the midterm...

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