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Trending News11 mins ago

Damian Lillard Goes From Blazer to Buck

Greetings from the sports desk located somewhere below decks of the Good Pirate Ship RedState. Sammy the Shark and Karl...

Trending News1 hour ago

‘Non-Binary’ Oregon Student Wins $300K in Discrimination Lawsuit Against School District

A “non-binary” Oregon teenager has won $300,000 in a discrimination lawsuit against the Greater Albany Public School District. The student,...

Trending News2 hours ago

Sen. Katie Britt Delivers Incredibly Powerful Testimony of the Blood on Joe Biden’s Hands at the Border .

The ongoing border crisis continues to get worse, and there’s no end to the chaos in sight. Joe Biden has...

Trending News3 hours ago

Victor Reacts: DISGUSTING! Transgenders Stand Naked In Front of Children on TV! (VIDEO)

We are going to need a lot more prisons in the world. As reported by the Gateway Pundit, “Simply Naked,”...

Trending News4 hours ago

Furious Democrats Take Biden White House to Task Over Border Crisis .

President Joe Biden has been constantly criticized by Republicans for his failure to address the worsening crisis at the southern...

Trending News5 hours ago

Better Call Volga: 10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender Using Special Radio Frequency to Escape Meat Grinder

Ukrainian soldiers surrendering   Ukrainian troops are surrendering in droves, Russian TASS news agency claims, to the extent that Moscow...

Trending News6 hours ago

First, They Targeted Your Gas Stove

When the heat waves of 2023 baked many parts of the United States with oven-dry drought conditions, the Biden administration’s...

Trending News7 hours ago

OUTRAGEOUS! 95-Year-Old Veteran Becomes Homeless After NYC Nursing Home Room Given to Illegal Alien (VIDEO)

A 95-year-old veteran became homeless after his nursing home room was given to an illegal alien. Frank Tammaro, a Korean...

Trending News8 hours ago

Democrats Suddenly Discover Standards, but Still Have No Sense of Irony .

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Democrats. They have had to continue with the talking points of...

Trending News9 hours ago

Exclusive Update: Democrat Judge Who Blocked $15,000 Donation to Texas Border Law Enforcement Apologizes and Releases Funds After Scathing Rebuke by Border Cleanup Organizer (Video)

John Rourke The Gateway Pundit reported that Democrat Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. tabled the distribution of donations raised for a police department located...

Trending News10 hours ago

The Washington Post’s Crusty Pizza Hit .

As an extension of the media-mocking venture at Townhall, Riffed From the Headlines, we once again note the sub-exalted performances...

Trending News11 hours ago

Londoner’s Fight Back Against Anti-car Restrictions with a New Army of ULEZ “Blade Runners”

For the first time since the anger of the Poll Tax riots during Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister or...

Trending News12 hours ago

Colin Kaepernick Is Making Another Desperate and Laughable Attempt to Rejoin the NFL .

It’s rough being a New York Jets fan. I’m not one, but I can sense their pain from the outside....

Trending News13 hours ago

Democrat Senator and “2X Teacher of the Year,” Gets Wrecked On Social Media For Laughing About Violent Beatdown of Individual By 12 or More Striking UAW Workers—Warns Others: “Don’t mess with the UAW”

There is definitely no shortage of nasty elected Democrat women in Michigan. Michigan’s lawless AG Dana Nessel (D), Michigan’s Authoritarian...

Trending News14 hours ago

Mayhem in America the New Normal Under Dems—Parolee Murders Young Tech Exec, Mobs Ransack Philly .

It started with the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020 when mobs took to the streets of America...

Trending News15 hours ago

Elon Musk to Visit the Southern Border in Eagle Pass, Texas – ‘A Serious Issue’

The crisis at the border has caught the attention of billionaire and Twitter/X owner Elon Musk, who has announced that...

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