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Hollywood’s Awards Season Shows the Industry Is Getting More Woke—And Less Smart .

The opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of   With more...

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5 Ex-Memphis Police Officers Charged with Murder in Death of Black Motorist, Tyre Nichols

Five ex-Memphis police officers were charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping on Thursday in the death of a black motorist....

Trumppatch 1200x630 Trumppatch 1200x630
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NYPD Officer Sues Over Lost-Pay Punishment for Wearing Pro-Trump Patch, Leaves Judge ‘Speechless’ .

In this episode of The Double Standards of Liberal Hypocrisy… A New York Police Department sergeant was suspended for 10...

Jessie lemonier 4. Webp Jessie lemonier 4. Webp
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Former NFL Player Jessie Lemonier Dies Suddenly at 25

Former Detroit Lions linebacker Jessie Lemonier died suddenly on Thursday, the team confirmed. He was 25. “We are shocked and...

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Biden Judicial Nominee Can’t Answer Basic Questions on the Constitution (Video)

Joe Biden has made it a hallmark of his presidency to nominate more women and “people of color” to the...

Img 7127 Img 7127
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America’s Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root

Kevin Sorbo, Actor, Producer, Director, joins Wayne Allyn Root this week. Plus, the most important stories in America this week...

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Trump Is No Longer the RNC’s Golden Ticket (and Vice Versa) .

Since his late 2022 campaign announcement for President, Donald Trump’s campaign has been largely silent. He appears to be preparing...

Vote ballot box 600x400 1 Vote ballot box 600x400 1
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Vermont Supreme Court Upholds Measure That Allows Non-Citizens To Vote

In 2021, Democrats in Vermont granted non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. Republicans filed lawsuits and the legal...

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Putin’s War, Week 48. The Logjam Breaks and the Leopards Are About to Roam the Ukrainian Landscape .

Here we are at Week 48 of Putin’s War, the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Like in the last...

Image 78 Image 78
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The U.S. and NATO Seem Hell Bent on Starting a Shooting War With Russia

M1A2 Abrams Let me give you a scenario. The United States military occupies Iraq and is trying to quash an...

Ricin trump Ricin trump
Trending News11 hours ago

Woman Pleads GUILTY of Biological Weapons Violations After Sending Ricin to President Trump

The Canadian national who sent a letter to President Trump that was filled with ricin a poison made from castor...

Img 1999 Img 1999
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“Every Transportation Decision We Make is a Climate Decision” (VIDEO)

This is what happens when a small town mayor with no experience is chosen to maintain the country’s transportation. Transportation...

Baerbock ec scaled Baerbock ec scaled
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“We Are Fighting a War with Russia”

Annalena Baerbock inadvertently declared war on Russia today Coming on the heels of Germany’s announcement to send Leopard 2 tanks...

Sheboygan school porn 6 Sheboygan school porn 6
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Now Sheboygan, Wisconsin Parents Uncover Cartoon Porn in Their School Library

This filth has been showing up in schools across the nation.  Now parents in Sheboygan, Wisconsin have found it in...

Campus entrance ready Campus entrance ready
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18-Year-Old Freshman Dies Suddenly After Collapsing During Workout

On Monday, a freshman college student at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Arizona died suddenly after collapsing while working out...

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Founder of Financial Firm Plunges to His Death From Manhattan Rooftop Bar

New York, New York – The founder of an investment firm plunged to his death from a rooftop bar Wednesday...

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