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SNL Runs Disgusting Hit Piece on Mike Lindell, Mocks Him for Previous Drug Addiction and His Support for Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Brittany Jordan



The only “good” humor on the left is humor that demeans and abuses their political foes.

Last night Saturday Night Live used their platform to abuse Trump and his supporters.

In one segment they mocked My Pillow founder Mike Lindell for his previous drug addiction. Then they portray him talking to his “magic pillow” about voter fraud.
The leftist audience loved it.

SNL did not have the courage to mock the dementia patient in the White House – that would be too obvious. Instead they took on Mike Lindell who has been berated, sued, and had his business relationships destroyed over his politics and support of President Donald Trump.

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Huff Post reported:

“Weekend Update” shredded MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (played by Beck Bennett), portraying him as a whacked-out conspiracy theorist who gets his ideas from the pillow he’s constantly clutching.

Anchor Colin Jost attacked “Lindell” for getting himself bounced off Twitter for spreading election lies, which he said inspired the Capitol insurrectionists.

“Well, hold on there, Buck-o, I didn’t inspire no insurrection [to] nobody!” Bennett barked in one of his most dead-on impersonations. “I’m just a normal American ex-crack addict turned pillow CEO and adviser to a former president.”

As for his controversial meeting with Donald Trump at the White House earlier this month to discuss overturning the presidential election, “Lindell” called it a “standard pillow meeting.”

He explained: “I just suggested the military overthrow the government, and look, if that’s not democracy I don’t know what is.”

Bennett’s Lindell admitted he gets his best “political ideas” from his constantly clutched pillow.

“What’s that, MyPillow?” he asked his puffy pal. “Really? Wow! MyPillow said Dominion overran the voting machine algorithms so that China could swing it for Biden, with Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un and Chrissy Teigen!”

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