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Rush Limbaugh Called Out the BS from the “10 Years Left” Doomsday Cult Back in 1992 (VIDEO)

Brittany Jordan



Gore rush limbaugh

Gore rush limbaugh

Back in 1992 the liberal media was already propping up Al Gore as a genius on the environment despite having no background in science.

And back in 1992 far left “Nightline” host Ted Koppel invited the great Rush Limbaugh on to debate Al Gore on the Ozone scare and future of the planet.

Rush Limbaugh destroyed Al Gore and his doomsday cult on national TV.

The Great One called out the “10 years left” BS almost 30 years ago!

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Rush Limbaugh: I don’t think there’s anything conclusive about what Senator Gore said with all due respect. For example, I think there is no ozone hole over the United States… I think Ted there is not a crisis. This is the problem I have. I don’t think the earth is fragile. I don’t think the ecology is fragilely balanced and I think the doomsday industry that is typified by members of the Hollywood acting community who say we only got 10 years left to save our planet. We got to act now. There’s no way if what these people say is true then we can’t solve these problems in 10 years anyway.

Via Catturd2:

Here is the full segment of Rush destroying Al Gore and the left on their 1990s junk science.

So has Al Gore ever been right about anything?

Now you know why they hated Rush with a passion!

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