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Politico Omits Joe Biden’s Racist Lines and Defense of China’s Uyghur Genocide in Report on His Town Hall Dumpster Fire

Brittany Jordan



Politico published a fluff piece on Joe Biden’s disastrous performance last night at his CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The mainstream media is not even hiding their bias anymore. The leftist press showed nothing but a deep hatred for President Trump despite his phenomenal record. They attacked Trump night and day and pushed absolute lies in an attempt to destroy Trump and his family.

In their fluff piece today Politico “forgot” to report on Joe Biden’s horrific gaffes and racist comments from his town hall.

Politico omitted Biden’s support for the Uyghur genocide saying it’s “just a Chinese cultural norm.”

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Politico ignored Joe Biden’s racist comments about blacks and Latinos of not knowing how to work the internet.

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Politico also omitted Joe Biden’s racist line about interracial families in commercials.

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And Politico omitted Joe Biden’s confession on kids.

Joe Biden Tells CNN: ‘I Like Kids Better Than People’ (VIDEO)

The mainstream media is more interested in defending Joe Biden then telling the truth.
And they’re not fooling anyone.

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