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OPERATION INDICT THE RIGHT: A Psyop brought to you by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media

Justin Malonson



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If You Have Ever Doubted Media Mass Scripting In Advance Of A Major Op,
Please Watch This

Mar A Lago FBI Raid Was Start Of New Op Narrative That MAGA, Q, And Ultra-Violent Right Wingers, Are About To Plunge Us Into Civil War: Nothing Needs To “Exist” Anymore Or Be “Real” In The Matrix

Celia Farber
The Truth Barrier

This is unbelievable.

Yet utterly familiar.

Spread far and wide please, to try to get out in front of this “civil war” Op.

I had just posted this piece about the FBI raid, and send it now again, to be read in the context of this (to my mind) shocking clip from Breitbart. (Linked above in the word “this.”

Thank you Jeff Schreiber, for this comment that led to this post:

”Celia – As time goes by watching how the fake mainstream news continues this PsyOp that intensified with the approval of Trump, I keep getting reminded of the film Network which prophesied this all nearly a half century ago. I saw this today which gives you a clearer picture of the shameless propagandist plans.

What can we do? See you in the comments section. I for one am so sick of this.


Justin Malonson is an American internet entrepreneur, Author, Investigative Researcher, Computer Scientist & SEO Expert.

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