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Muslim Man Who Attacked NYPD Cops with Machete Near Times Square Is Islamic Extremist… Was on FBI Watchlist

Ashley Jarrett



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On New Year’s Eve, a 19-year-old attacked three New York City police officers with a machete in Manhattan. Two officers were struck in the head and hospitalized, but all are reported to be in stable condition and expected to make full recoveries.

Around 10 pm, the teenage suspect went to a Times Square checkpoint where officers check bags for weapons or suspicious items. The teen shouted “Allahu Akhbar,” pulled out a machete, and struck an officer in the head with the blade, then hit another in the head with the machete’s handle. He swung at a third officer, who shot him in the shoulder and prevented him from continuing his violent rampage.

Machete used in Times Square attack

Officer Paul Cossolino, a rookie who graduated from the Police Academy the day before the attack, suffered a skull fracture and a large laceration. Officer Louis Iorio, who has been an officer for eight years, suffered a head gash.

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The officer who shot the attacker was a rookie named Michael Hanna, who joined the force in April.

The assailant, who was later identified as Maine resident Trevor Bickford, was taken to a nearby hospital.

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Trevor Bickford, 19

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On Monday, NYPD received reports of suspicious packages in a park in Queens. Responding police recovered belongings supposedly belonging to Bickford, including a sleeping bag, bedroll, and other food items.

It was soon discovered that Bickford had recently been radicalized in Islamic extremism. According to law enforcement, this radicalization could have occurred as recently as one month ago.

It has been reported that, at the time of the attack, Bickford was carrying a diary in which he pleaded with his family members to “repent to Allah and accept Islam.” He was also carrying a last will and testament in which he requested to be buried according to Islamic tradition. These belongings indicated to authorities that Bickford assumed he would die while carrying out the attack.

The teen was already on the FBI’s terrorism watchlist after being reported by his mother and aunt after he expressed his newfound beliefs and was reportedly interested in traveling to Afghanistan to fight with Islamic extremists.

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On Sunday morning, NYC Mayor Eric Adams praised the quick action of the officers at a press conference. He also reported that the wounded officers are in stable condition and expected to recover from their injuries.

“As we do a preliminary review of the bodycam video, we see how well these officers executed the plan that was put in place by the New York City Police Department in ensuring we protect those who came here to bring in a new year,” said Adams.

On Sunday night, the FBI raided Bickford’s home in Maine.

Bickford currently faces two counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault. It remains unclear whether Bickford will be facing additional terror-related charges.

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