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Mike Flynn Makes Rare Appearance To Remind Americans Of Just How Corrupt The Swamp Is

Ashley Jarrett



Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, is the second-most wrongly persecuted man in the country, behind his former boss.

For the high crime of wanting to continue serving his country under the leadership of a president the Washington Establishment did not approve, he was targeted, falsely accused, wrongly prosecuted, and outrageously convicted after having been forced to confess to something he didn’t do in order to spare his son.

It is utterly grotesque what happened to Flynn, and it proves beyond any doubt that We the People have virtually no control over those who govern (rule over?) us — because we have no way of holding to account those who wronged Gen. Flynn.

That said, Flynn isn’t one to look for sympathy. And despite all that his country has done to him, he’s still a patriot and he is warning other patriots that we’re a hair’s breadth away from losing it all.

“The example of what happened to me is a clear example of a political persecution of an individual who spent his life in service to this country,” he told FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile, Ala., Wednesday ahead of an appearance scheduled this week with the Jefferson County Republican Party in Birmingham.

And people come up to me and say…‘I’m so sorry for what happened to you.’ But I tell people don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for our country. Feel sorry for our president. Feel sorry for the presidency of the United States of America because they didn’t just attack me, Mike Flynn. They attacked an entire system of a free and fair government that we have because Donald Trump happened to win and take out the power base of Washington, D.C. and the corruption,” he added.

“Now specifically, specifically on Department of Justice, which includes our illustrious FBI, the lead agent, in fact, in my case and the lead agent in what is now called ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ his name is [William] Barnett — if you read his testimony, in October 2020, only a few months ago, where he said the entire thing was to get Flynn, to get Trump — I mean, how egregious is that?” Flynn continued.

“That’s documented. That’s in testimony. That’s under oath. That’s the lead agent of the FBI that handled the entire case. And he waited until October 2020 to say that,” Flynn noted further before attacking what the Justice Department has become.

“Now for the Department of Justice — the Department of Justice, and I want all of your listeners to know, and I know it’s mostly southern Alabama, in that region of the country — our Department of Justice is incentivized. The people that work there — they are incentivized by convictions and not by discovering the truth,” Flynn said.

“So they get promoted based on how many bodies they’re able to bury or how many scalps they’re able to get. I hate to use those phrases. But that’s the truth. That’s the reality,” Flynn — who spent many years in ‘the system’ — added.

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“They’re incentivized by convictions and not discovering the truth. That’s the culture that has been rampant since probably the ’90s and leading into the last two decades really in this country. So that’s not good.”

He concluded: “That’s unhealthy for our country. It’s unhealthy for our country that bases everything on the rule of law.”

Formerly an online tech and science reporter at The Sun Online, Ashley stepped up to the mantle of technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph late last year. She writes about everything from drones, web security and cryptocurrency to social media apps, like Facebook and Spotify, and technology brands including Apple and Toshiba.

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