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Mayor Lori Lightfoot Calls For Federal Gun Control As Bodies Pile Up In Her City

Ashley Jarrett



Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has issued a plea to the Biden administration for sweeping new federal gun control laws as the bodies pile up in the Windy City.

It is one of the Democrat-controlled cities that has seen a dramatic rise in crime that coincides with the party’s ongoing efforts to defund and dismantle the police. The carnage has now taken a turn for the worse as the sweltering summer heat rolls in and tempers flare.

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Lightfoot’s call for federal intervention came after yet another mass shooting, one that claimed four lives, three of which belonged to women, when gunfire erupted during a party at a private residence, four more were injured.

The Chicago Sun-Times identified the dead women as 35-year-old Denice Mathis, the “mother of four boys and a girl, and had just taken her children to Six Flags over the weekend,” 28-year-old Ratanya Aryiel Rogers, and 19-year-old Shermetria Williams, “the mother of a 2-year-old daughter. She was set to graduate from Country Club Hills Trade & Tech Center on Tuesday.”

Their lost lives were the direct result of Lightfoot and the rest of the Democrat leadership of Chicago whose criminal coddling, anti-cop policies and feckless management style have turned the city into a free-fire zone. There was another mass shooting only hours later, this one claiming five victims, the fourth mass casualty event in the last week.

43 other people were shot over the weekend as there is no end to the violence. Lightfoot now wants Joe Biden and the one-party state in Washington D.C. to get involved.

In response to press questions, her honor said, “Cities individually cannot tackle this problem. We just cannot. In Chicago, we’ve done absolutely everything possible and we need help from the federal government. When guns are so porous that they can come across our borders as we see every single day in Chicago, we know that we have to have a multi-jurisdictional, national solution to this horrible plague of gun violence.”

“This is a national problem,” said Lightfoot, giving more ammo to Democrats and anti-Second Amendment activist groups that are determined to strip law-abiding Americans of the ability to defend themselves. This would leave them at the mercy of the criminal gangs like those that have taken command of Chicago during her dismal tenure as mayor.

The embattled Lightfoot is under heavy fire for her blatant anti-white racism after she refused to grant media interviews to any but persons of color. This is an unnecessary distraction when her primary focus should be on cracking down on violent crime.

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The racist Lightfoot also may not be all there in the head as a shocking email about “office time” that she wrote to staff earlier this year is generating some buzz on social media.

In the email, Lightfoot wrote, “I need office time everyday!” sixteen times in a row, followed by “Not just once a week or some days, everyday!” which was typed ten consecutive times along with two other redundant phrases repeated multiple times.

Some compared the bizarre email to the Jack Nicholson character in “The Shining” whose demonic possession was discovered by his horrified wife in a chilling scene. This happens shortly before he chased his family around the Overlook Hotel with a fire ax with murder on his mind.

Other than making a serious run at the 2021 murder capital of America, Mayor Lightfoot has already locked down one accomplishment to add to her resume: According to pest control giant Orkin, Chicago has retained its crown as the winner of the last year’s “Rattiest Cities” the sixth year in a row that the city has captured the title. This is a dynasty that may never be challenged.

Formerly an online tech and science reporter at The Sun Online, Ashley stepped up to the mantle of technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph late last year. She writes about everything from drones, web security and cryptocurrency to social media apps, like Facebook and Spotify, and technology brands including Apple and Toshiba.

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