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“It’s an Illegal Impeachment” – Attorney General Ken Paxton Goes Off on Texas RINO Movement Behind Coordinated Effort to Remove Him from Office – VOTE IS TODAY (VIDEO)

Brittany Jordan



Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this.

In December 2020, Ken Paxton formed a coalition of states to sue battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, for their unconstitutional changes to the 2020 election laws. The US Supreme Court threw out the case despite its obvious merit later that month. Paxton later told The Gateway Pundit that he still believes the Supreme Court had a constitutional obligation to hear the case which they ignored.

While serving as Attorney General in Texas Ken Paxton defended 12 lawsuits related to election laws.

Democrats wanted to open the elections to mail-in ballots and ID-free voting and sued Texas to institute these unconstitutional practices in Texas elections. AG Paxton and his staff won every single one of these cases and prevented Democrats from stealing Texas like they were able to do in Georgia and Arizona. Ken has been fighting for free and fair elections in Texas and understands what a huge issue this is in our country today.

But now Ken Paxton is in the fight of his life.  RINO Republicans held a secret investigation, did not allow him to present evidence, released their report on Tuesday, and plan to impeach him TODAY – on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  These Texas RINOs are THE WORST!

On Friday night Attorney General Paxton joined Matt Gaetz who was filling in for Greg Kelly on Newsmax TV.  Paxton explained to viewers how the GOP lawmakers are running an illegal impeachment that he first heard about on Tuesday.  Paxton says they blocked him from offering a defense.

The Texas RINOs and Secret Sleepers are as bad as they are anywhere else.

Matt Gaetz: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has held the Lone Star state s tops legal jobs since 2014. Some call him the most effective Attorney General in America, others, a criminal deserving, removal from office. He has a national reputation for organizing Republican attorneys general to push back against federal flaws and follies and failures… Tonight, he faces new calls for his impeachment, even by fellow Republicans in the state House. State lawmakers have been investigating Paxton in secret since March. Yesterday, the House General Investigating Committee voted unanimously to recommend impeachment, alleging misconduct and lawbreaking…  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins us now with his exclusive reaction. General Paxton, we are used to seeing impeachment as a partisan tool used by one party against another. But all three Republicans on your panel voted to recommend impeachment against you. What have you done to anger these establishment liberal Republicans?

AG Ken Paxton:  …When you expose what these liberal Republicans do, which is basically cut deals with liberal Democrats, they get really angry that the last thing they want is somebody around like me who exposes what they do. And I’ve done that with Phelan. They tried to sneak through legislation two years ago where they were reducing the penalty for illegal voting, where I would now have to prove that they knew the law when they did it, which meant no prosecutions. We caught him, we exposed it. Those are the types of things that Phelan finds infuriating. And unfortunately for him, we caught him and we exposed it, despite the fact that he’s a Republican.

Matt Gaetz:  …Are you confident that you have the votes to block an impeachment by the Texas State House?

AG Ken Paxton:  No, this has been done. I think they decided they thought I was going to lose my election to Bush, and they became very disturbed when I won. And they concocted this plan, I think months and months ago, maybe right after my reelection, thinking that the voters just were not smart enough to figure this out. They’re going to fix it. And they started working on this about four months ago in secret. I literally first heard about this on Tuesday, where they announced they subpoenaed us. On Wednesday, they announced an investigation. On Thursday, they announced impeachment. And now on Saturday, the impeachment is going forward. The members haven’t seen all the information. They haven’t allowed us to participate. We have lots of information that would change the results of their investigation. They have refused to let us testify. They have refused to let us give them information. They have refused to allow us to correct things that even they know are wrong. And that’s the process we’re in. They want this done because the voters, in their opinion, weren’t smart enough to get it right, and they’re going to fix it.

Attorney General Paxton believes he has a better shot when it goes to the Texas Senate.

AG Ken Paxton: there’s always issues when you’re in politics, because not every Republican is conservative, and some of the more moderate senators may not be supportive as well. But that’s okay. I think we at least feel like we’ll have a fair shot to present evidence and expose the lies of the House…. There’s a statute in Texas which they are not following. This is illegal impeachment. The statute says that if there were complaints prior to the election, there were issues prior to the election. You can’t bring an impeachment on issues that occurred, whether true or false, before the election. 19 of the 20 in this complaint were from issues related to the election. The second was related to my settlement authority. And they’re saying that I deserve to be impeached because I settled a case which required that the legislature approve the money they have to actually fund.

The vote is later this afternoon. The RINOs couldn’t even wait until Tuesday!

Brittany Jordan is an award-winning journalist who reports on breaking news in the U.S. and globally for the Federal Inquirer. Prior to her position at the Federal Inquirer, she was a general assignment features reporter for Newsweek, where she wrote about technology, politics, government news and important global events around the world. Her work has also appeared in the Washington Post, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Toronto Star, Frederick News-Post, West Hawaii Today, the Miami Herald, and more. Brittany enjoys food, travel, photography, and hoarding notebooks and journals. Her goal is to do more longform features journalism, narrative writing and documentary work, and to one day write a successful novel and screenplay.

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