Israel Now First Country Requiring Proof of Vaccination to return to “Normal Life”

Green Badge: Israel’s COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

People with the so-called “Green Badge” will get access to gyms, hotels and theaters, as more than 46 percent of its 9 million population get vaccinated

Sticking to his script, Netanyahu on Saturday unveiled his “green pass” program, which will allow the fully vaccinated to attend cultural events, fly abroad and patronize restaurants and health clubs. These services and amenities will remain off limits for those who do not get immunized.

“I ask everyone who has not been vaccinated – go be vaccinated. You will have the Green Pass and you will also be able to benefit from it,” Netanyahu said during a photo op at a Tel Aviv-area gym.

The so-called “green passports” will be handed out only after the second shot is administered since Pfizer vaccine requires two jabs in order to be effective
Holders of the passports will be able to attend public events and eat at restaurants among other things, Health Ministry Director-General Chezy Levy told Channel 12 on Sunday.
They will also not be required to enter mandatory quarantine after contact with a confirmed patient or after returning from a “red country” abroad. Those travelling will also not be required to take a mandatory COVID-19 test before leaving the country.
Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, meanwhile, told Channel 13 the idea behind the plan was not to grant privileges to the “green passport” holders, but to make sure they can engage in activities that are potentially dangerous for those who had not been immunized.
Recent polls reveal 50% to 75% of Israelis are unwilling to take the jab, mostly due to concerns over how fast it had been developed.