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Identity of Monday’s Surprise Witness Testifying Before NY Grand Jury Revealed – President Trump Says Witness Will Supposedly Present “Conclusive and Irrefutable” Evidence Clearing Him

Justin Malonson



It once appeared certain that President Donald Trump was set to be arrested and marched away in handcuffs Tuesday. Now this may not happen at all.

As TGP’s Joe Hoft has reported, Trump’s indictment is on hold until one more witness testifies.

Trump calls the man a “highly respected lawyer.” He says the witness supposedly has “conclusive and irrefutable” evidence totally exonerating him.

The lawyer also once represented disgraced felon Michael Cohen, who may testify Monday as well.

Thanks to and Insider, America now knows the identity of this critical witness. His name is Robert Costello, who has represented Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon in addition to Cohen.

Here is the news from

Is Trump getting arrested on Tuesday or not? Things seemed all but certain when the former president put out a post on Saturday affirmatively saying that was going to happen. In it, he also called for people to take to the streets and protest the Manhattan District Attorney targeting him. The implication was that his attorneys had already been notified.

By that evening, another all-caps post was put out by Trump, again seeming to confirm his tenuous position and what was coming. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, news dropped that greatly muddied the waters. According to RedState’s reporting, the indictment hasn’t technically been voted on.

Who is this witness? According to Insider (the site that initially broke the news of the indictment not being final), it’s Robert Costello, who has represented Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani..

Monday’s surprise grand jury witness in the New York “hush-money” investigation into Donald Trump is Giuliani lawyer Robert Costello, a source familiar with the investigation confirmed to Insider.

Star prosecution witness Michael Cohen is also making himself available Monday, in case Manhattan prosecutors decide to call him before the grand jury to give rebuttal testimony, Cohen told Insider.

News that as many as two witnesses — Costello and Cohen — may now need to testify before the grand jury can vote provides new clues to the timing for any indictment.

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