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“I Can Name Them ALL!”

Justin Malonson



Gateway 24

RINOs in the Republican party and the media are trying to blame Donald Trump for the results of the midterm election.

This is despite his strong endorsement record.

In a Truth Social post, Trump took aim at this narrative and said the reasons for a poor midterm election had nothing to do with him – he also added that he can name who is responsible for the losses.

Truth Social:

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232 out of 252 Midterm Races WON who had my Endorsement, and the Fake News is working overtime to try and create the most negative narrative possible. No, the REAL reasons were other than Trump, and I can name them ALL!

Here are the facts:

Establishment Republicans worked against Pro-MAGA candidates.

McConnell cut funding from competitive races and sent money to try and protect RINOs from MAGA challengers.

The Senate Leadership Fund brought in $250 million during the midterm election cycle.

At the end of the midterms, they still had $40 million left in the fund.

Why wasn’t this money used in key states?

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Open Secrets is an organization that tracks election funding to candidates, campaigns, and political organizations.

According to Open Secrets the Senate Leadership Fund, the Republican Senate Super PAC, brought in $250 million this midterm election cycle.

At the end of the cycle, the Senate Leadership Fund still had $40 million in its coffers.

So Mitch McConnell left $50 million in his war chest and allowed good Republicans, Blake Masters and others, to fend for themselves.

Who do you blame for the poor election results?

For the antidote to media bias, check out…

Justin Malonson is an American internet entrepreneur, Author, Investigative Researcher, Computer Scientist & SEO Expert.

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