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Harvard Backs Off Music Program Excluding White People After Title VI Complaint

Justin Malonson



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Harvard University is distancing itself from a music program that was intended for only BIPOC after massive pushback and a Title VI complaint.

The website for the program, No Label Academy, which previously boasted about it taking place at Harvard, now says it is “not affiliated” with the university.

University of Michigan-Flint professor Mark Perry filed a Title VI complaint about the school for racism against white people. He noted in his complaint that a Harvard faculty member was also serving as the program’s adviser.

“In violation of Title VI, this program discriminates on the basis of skin color by operating exclusively for BIPOC individuals only and illegally excluding and discriminating against non-BIPOC individuals on the basis of skin color,” Perry said in his Title VI complaint against Harvard.

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The music program, led by rapper IDK, was previously titled, “No Label Academy at Harvard,” but is now simply titled, “No Label Academy,” according to a report from Breitbart News.

The course, for everyone except white people, is still “open to all BIPOC individuals interested in the music business,” and will still run from August 21 to August 31, but the venue is now unclear.

It is also unclear if a member of Harvard’s faculty is still serving as an advisor for the racist program.

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