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Google has a financial interest to push the pandemic and the covid-19 vaccine experiments –

Brittany Jordan



Image: Google has a financial interest to push the pandemic and the covid-19 vaccine experiments

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Google Ventures, the venture-capital arm of Google, is in a position to profit from the Oxford-AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine. The developers of the vaccine, Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert, set up a company called Vaccitech to attract outside investors for their new vaccine projects.

Google co-founder Larry Page and his wife Lucy have already partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “to design a flu vaccine that would protect broadly against the strains of flu that infect people every winter and those in nature that could emerge to trigger a disruptive and deadly pandemic.” Ever since Google invested in Bill Gate’s global vaccine programs, the Big Tech dictator has engaged in vaccine censorship, targeting and removing any scientific information about vaccine injury and the faults of vaccine-augmented immune responses.

Google to help convince the world that covid-19 vaccines are needed annually

Google’s widely used video platform, YouTube, is now banning any skeptical scientific content that deviates from the official covid-19 narrative. Any information about virus shedding from live virus vaccines is deemed “misinformation.” Any studies that show how influenza vaccines cause susceptibility to coronavirus infection are censored. Google and YouTube are actively working to brainwash people, to prolong pandemic fears, to maximize submission to their vaccine projects. But their plan is even greater than this.

In order to obtain royalties from the sale of the vaccine, the financiers behind Vaccitech and the Oxford vaccine will need to convince the world that these covid-19 vaccines are needed at regular intervals every year. The first two-shot protocol is an experiment to see how many people will comply and how well these people will tolerate the vaccines. Vaccine injuries are being normalized during this process.

Their intentions are clear. Oxford medical professor, John Bell told NBC News that the world will need regular vaccinations against coronavirus every year. Bell is the “architect” of the Oxford-AstraZeneca partnership and stands to benefit financially from the annual distribution of the vaccines.

Pascal Soriot, the CEO of AstraZeneca, is ready to declare covid-19 a seasonal illness that will require regular vaccinations. In order to cash in on their investment with Vaccitech, Google needs the World Health Organization to declare the pandemic a “seasonal illness.” WebMD is already on board with the plan.

Vaccitech’s CEO, Bill Enright said that Google and all of Vaccitech’s investors will receive a “big chunk of the royalties” “as well as milestone payments” when the pandemic is declared over and the vaccines are used on a seasonal basis. Vaccitech has already received £2.3 million of public funding to develop the second generation of covid-19 vaccines, as their investors prepare to cash in on the swindle indefinitely. (Related: Oxford-AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine experiment is tied to eugenics-linked institutions.)

Google will help suppress the real public health issues to promote the faulty vaccines they are invested in

In order to stay consistent with the science in the clinical trials, vaccine recipients will need to submit to upwards of six shots every year, guaranteeing royalties for Google and the other financiers. Covid-19 vaccines are a dependency program, designed to capitalize on human fears for years to come, while generating revenue for a broken system of immunology.

News outlets are already drumming up the fear of another coronavirus strain and vaccines are already being developed to ensure the world that another round of covid protection is on its way. The vaccines do not protect people from the chronic state of malnutrition that is the well-documented reason why people suffer from complications and death to the infection. The vaccines do not improve the efficiency of the individual’s microbiome or mucous membranes, to help eliminate viruses from the body. The vaccines do not remove the immune-suppressant drugs and foods from a person’s lifestyle, the real reasons why people with underlying conditions are dying from multiple comorbidities. The vaccines do not protect against medical error, nosocomial infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia or lung damage from ventilators that drive up the mortality rate in some of the most improperly ran inner city hospitals. These are just a few of the real public health issues, but Google and YouTube will continue to suppress the root of the problem, while pushing the vaccines they are heavily invested in.

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