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Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Launched Investigation Into President Trump’s Phone Calls with the State after Lying About His Call and Trashing the Evidence

Justin Malonson



This guy Raffensperger should be in jail not running Georgia’s State Department.  He led the Presidential election steal in his state and then lied about it after being caught.

Earlier today we reported that the call that took place between President Trump and the corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger who taped the conversation and then lied about what was said by the President.

Confirmed: Dirtbag Raffensberger and His Aides Secretly Recorded Trump’s Phone Call, Lied About Its Contents to Far Left WaPo and Then Deleted the Audio in “Trash” Folder

After lying about what the President said on the phone call with himself, and allowing the corrupt and dishonest Washington Post to publicize the lie, Raffensperger created an investigation into President Trump’s phone calls in the state.

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Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Launches Investigation Into Trump’s Phone Calls to State Election Officials

In addition, this whole time Raffensperger certified the 2020 Presidential election for Georgia and included over 400,000 invalid ballots (most all likely for Joe Biden) in the final count.

UPDATE: Four Months After the 2020 Election in Georgia, Over 400,000 Absentee Ballots are Missing Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation, Yet Biden Was Given the State by 12,000 Votes

Of course, none of this is legit.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Raffensperger should be in jail for certifying a fraudulent election and then when the President calls him out on it, for leaking the President’s call and lying about what the President shared.  

Justin Malonson is a successful author, investigative reporter and the host of the Freedom Not Control Radio Show. As a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in software development Justin is one of the most highly sought-after tech entrepreneurs today.

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