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Former Spanish justice minister accused of involvement in Qatargate is fierce critic of Poland

Brittany Jordan



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EU commissioner who said 6 million more migrants needed for Europe caught up in ‘Qatargate’ bribery scandal

An EU commissioner knwon for bashing Hungary and promoting 6 million migrants for the EU is now facing scrutiny for his potential role in the ‘Qatarigate’ corruption scandal that has rocked the EU

In this effort, he was aided and abetted by politicians from Poland’s opposition who often gave their input and suggestions.

It was Aguilar’s committee that produced the resolution citing the existence of “LGBT free zones” in Poland that in fact do not exist. Yet, the phrase appeared in many other resolutions and even official European Commission documents on rule-of-law compliance in Poland. 

Aguilar was so aggressive in his attacks on Poland that during a public hearing held by the Polish opposition’s Radek Sikorski, an MEP and former foreign minister, Sikorski had to remind him that the proceedings were being recorded and that the tenor of his remarks could be construed as being anti-Polish. 

It just so happens that all those who have been arrested or are suspected of being involved in Qatargate participated in the anti-Polish crusade in the European Parliament, often using false information. Since it was possible to buy favors and influence from the likes of Qatar and Morocco, it is not impossible that unfavorable actions against Poland were also purchased by a country from a different geographical location.


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