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Former Refugee Becomes First Black Woman to Win Miss Ireland, Complains About Racism .

Justin Malonson



A former refugee who became the first black woman to win Miss Ireland reacted to being given the award by complaining about racism.

Yes, really.

Former asylum seeker Pamela Uba said she received “a lot” of racist comments on the Internet after becoming the first black woman to win the award in its 74-year history.

“You’d be surprised,” Ms Uba said. “You would get a lot of bullying online, racism online, and I’ve experienced it quite a lot, especially since becoming Miss Galway and then becoming Miss Ireland. There is a minority there that feel the need to put out negativity.”

Some of the comments reported by Sky News weren’t even racist and merely expressed concerns about the native decline of white people.

“A black woman doesn’t represent the prototype of Irish women,” said one while another wrote: “So we all supposed to applaud the globalisation otherwise you’ll be silenced?”

Mean comments on the Internet are routinely reported by the British news media as if they’re the worst thing since the Holocaust, despite in many cases them proving to having been posted by people outside of Britain.

This summer’s controversy over racist remarks sent to black England footballers after the Euro 2020 final turned out to be a complete hoax, as most of the comments originated in Muslim countries.

When the BBC tracked down one of the prime culprits earlier this week, they were forced to acknowledge that he was “a man in his early twenties from Saudi Arabia.”

But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good race-baiting narrative.

The new “diverse” Miss Ireland also celebrated the cult of multi-culturalism and the fact that white people are on the demographic decline.

“Ireland is becoming more and more multi-cultural,” she said, “and it’s great to see more and more of us being represented in the media and in Ireland as a whole.”

“The world is becoming more and more diverse because we’re able to travel so freely. We need to be able to embrace that and we need to see more people being represented,” she added.

In reality, only western white countries are becoming more “diverse,” the phenomenon isn’t happening in black countries.

Don’t expect to see a white woman win ‘Miss Nigeria’ any time soon.

Indeed, Uba originally came from South Africa, where the white population as a share of the population has declined in recent years, partly due to violent racist attacks on white farmers.

Meanwhile, a comparison of Uba to the other Miss Ireland candidates surely proves that they gave the award to the woke black refugee immigrant for reasons other than those.



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Justin Malonson is a successful author, investigative reporter and the host of the Freedom Not Control Radio Show. As a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in software development Justin is one of the most highly sought-after tech entrepreneurs today.

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