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EU’s desire to become a ‘debt community’ to pay for Ukraine will ruin Europe for generations, warns Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán

Brittany Jordan



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Orbán calls for sanctions on Russia to be lifted by the end of the year

PM Orbán predicts that lifting sanctions will lead to a significant drop in inflation and a halving of energy prices

He warned that any further extension of EU sanctions on Russian gas or nuclear energy would have “tragic consequences” for Hungary, and insisted his nation must be exempt from such a decision.

Orbán lamented the failure of the ongoing energy sanctions, which he argued have not brought us “one millimeter closer” to the end of the war.

“We are facing a difficult winter, Ukraine is in an increasingly difficult situation, Russia is suffering difficulties, but its revenues from energy carriers are at their peak, so the policy of sanctions has not achieved its goal,” he added.

The Hungarian leader explained that while Hungary is not subject to the incoming ban on Russian oil imports into Europe, it will still be affected by the “price-inflating effect of the sanctions.”

Lastly, Orbán vowed to continue fighting for Hungarian interests in Brussels, telling listeners: “We have always achieved our own national goals in the negotiations on sanctions, so we are participating in the discussion of the ninth package with good hopes.”

He warned, however, that the “pressure is constant”, and with new packages of sanctions expected, the Hungarian government must “constantly fight to protect our interests.”


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