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DON’T ASK, JUST EAT! Lab-made Franken-meat contains fake blood, fat and muscle… and what else? –

Brittany Jordan



Image: DON’T ASK, JUST EAT! Lab-made Franken-meat contains fake blood, fat and muscle… and what else?

(Natural News)
That’s correct. You read it right. Fake steak-looking meat made in laboratories will soon be jiggling on restaurant plates next to that baked potato. The fake steaks are literally printed to look just like popular cuts of meat, but they’re not. So what the heck are they? Powerful 3-D printers are making steaks, kicking out 6 kilograms of meat every hour, with the goal of printing an entire Franken-cow worth of mimic-meat per day. The steaks will then be tested on human guinea pigs in restaurants within months, and what better time to eat some Soylent Green meat cuts then right after you get a Covid vaccine that contains human abortion cells. What is sure to be a cheaper, faster death for Americans who love consuming genetically mutated food-stuff, there will most likely be no health safety clinical trials run, which adds to the mayhem.

There’s no telling what this laboratory-concocted blood, meat, muscle and guts will do to humans, but we know one thing for sure — it can’t be good for you. Otherwise, the globalists wouldn’t fund and push it on the peons like they’re doing.

The “Taste of the Future” may be the last taste you take

Yes, the Global elites want all the working class morons and peasants to eat food made in a lab, get injected with tracking chips, drink fluoridated tap water that causes cancer and dementia, and then vote for more tyranny. It’s for the greater good, like Hitler said. All the world’s problems will be solved by this lab-grown Franken-meat from the Island of Dr. Moreau.

No more starvation. No more droughts. No more global warming. No more environmental pollution. Each year, billions of animals are shot up with hormones and antibiotics to stave off infection, E. coli and salmonella, while millions of humans die from those drugs, viruses and bacteria.

Why not turn the tables and kill off the humans instead? Much cheaper, right? They’re calling it the “Force for Good,” since it’s not. Get ready to “diversify your diet” because the globalists know more about soil than you. Plus, Soylent Green tastes great, just like high fructose corn syrup and MSG.

Anti-American “World Economic Forum” a total disaster for humankind

In the 1980s came genetically modified and mutated corn and soy. The government subsidized it to put all the competition out of business. It worked. More than 90 percent of today’s corn, soy, canola and cottonseed is Franken-food that’s loaded with pesticides, insecticides and chemical herbicides (think glyphosate and kidney failure here).

Then, in the 1990’s came the CDCs tripling of the vaccine schedule, so all American children get nearly 70 lab-concocted, experimental, autism-linked vaccines before age seven.

In 2000s, we saw the big pharmaceutical tsunami of psychotropic drugs pushed on all Americans via television commercials, including thousands of PTSD-affected soldiers coming back from the fake terror war in Iraq and Afghanistan (war for heroin dealings and Haliburton money laundering).

Now we’re seeing everything from “beyond” meat to fake whole cows turned into “impossible” fake meat that bleeds and wiggles in beakers, then gets prepped for all the ignorant fang-drooling carnivores that just have to have those burgers and steaks to stay alive. Got to have your protein, right? Watch out for the cancer/dementia apocalypse coming to a corporate-run steak house near you.

Don’t worry, franken-meat is safe and effective, just like dirty vaccines

Surely, the new Franken-meat will be touted as delicious and nutritious, just like everything that’s jacked up with artificial flavoring, artificial colors and artificially tested by the manufacturers themselves to be “safe and effective.”

Who knows, maybe they’re embedding some GMOs in the fake meat that will meet up (pun intended) with the Covid-19, 20, and 21 virus fragments, then all come together to “save the world” from too many humans, just like Bill Gates said at that TED convention that has been removed from YouTube permanently. Remember, he said if we do a “really good job with healthcare and vaccines” we can reduce the world’s population by about 4 billion people. How would you like your steak, sir or ma’am (or zem or they), rare, medium or well-done?

Tune your internet dial to for updates on how the globalists plan to sabotage our food supply and try to turn the whole world communist/socialist/broke and begging, while we give up all our rights.

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