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DEVELOPING: BLM Mob Forms Outside Brooklyn Center Police Department Chanting, “Whose Streets, Our Streets!” (VIDEO)

Ashley Jarrett



Here we go!

A BLM mob formed outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department Tuesday evening chanting, “Whose streets, our streets!”

This is the third consecutive day a BLM crowd has shown up to the police department to protest the shooting death of Daunte Wright.

We now know that Daunte Wright was a dangerous man who threatened to shoot a woman and had a warrant out for his arrest according to court papers – but here we are.

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The National Guard arrived at the Brooklyn Center Police Department earlier Tuesday in anticipation of violence.


Riots erupted across the country last night in response to Daunte Wright’s death.

Brooklyn Center police gave several dispersal orders before deploying crowd control munitions to push back on the BLM mob.

The mob got riled up and began looting a local Dollar Tree store before the shooting started.

The sound of gun shots were heard on live streams from Brooklyn Center, where rioters are destroying the community last night.

The shots were picked up on several live streams and an ambulance was spotted heading into the area where the sound had came from.

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