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Crazed Mob of Antifa Thugs Attacks Jan 6th Political Prisoner Rally in NYC; “I’ll Hang a Proud Boy”

Justin Malonson



The Citizens Against Political Prosecution held a rally on Sunday in New York City. The event was held to raise awareness in support of the January 6th patriots who are currently being abused in the DC gulag.

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The event had barely gotten started when a large mob of derranged antifa members gathered in a nearby park. They marched over to the event holding signs that said “we will replace you” and “F— Justice, we want revenge.”

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Once they got close enough they hurled eggs at the protesters and screamed their mindless chants directed at the crowd.

The mob harassed people as they tried to get through the park to access the event. Two brave women, draped in Trump gear and the American flag, refused to be intimidated by them and yelled back “this is my country.”

As they are known to do, they were also threatening journalists who were filming and even assaulted one as he tried to walk past their blockade. A NYPD officer separated them and told the man filming to accommodate the mob by going another way.

No wonder the guy was asking “what country am I in right now?”

They also had agents from the ACLU called “protest monitors” who were “alerting” the black-bloc enforcers about people who were filming, sending them to try and put a stop to it.

The lunatics repeatedly clashed with police and, in one exchange, an unhinged comrade promised to not allow “another one of these rallies (in) peace.” He also told the officer he would “hang a proud boy” and “do it in front of him.”

These terriorists have only become more emboldened under the Biden regime. They have had hundreds of cases dismissed despite their violent actions and despite thousands of hours of video evidence that documents their crimes.

Yet, they swear “Antifa is just an idea.”

The New Yorkers who are standing up for the political captives of the deep state have it especially hard, they are truly patriots.

Not only do they have to put up with these psychos in their black costumes, they live in a city run by marxist Bill DeBlasio,  a state run by Governor Cuo-vid, and with a federal government lead by a Chinese puppet.

Justin Malonson is a successful author, investigative reporter and the host of the Freedom Not Control Radio Show. As a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in software development Justin is one of the most highly sought-after tech entrepreneurs today.

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