Cop Gets Suspended For Mocking LeBron James On TikTok; Then His GoFundMe EXPLODES Past $120k

Cop Gets Suspended For Mocking LeBron James On TikTok; Then His GoFundMe EXPLODES Past $120k

Officer Nate Silvester of Idaho was suspended without pay after posting a viral video mocking LeBron James for his ignorance on Police issues.

The video was made in response to LeBron putting a target on the back of the officer who intervened in the Makhia Bryant incident. The shooting was completely justified, but that didn’t stop LeBron from virtue signaling. In fact, Bryant can be heard screaming “BIT*H IMMA STAB THE F**K OUT OF YOU”…but LeBron apparently sees nothing out of the ordinary with that declaration.

Sadly, while LeBron was praised by his peers for his threat against the Cop, Silvester was SUSPENDED for simply making fun of him. (Liberal privilege, I guess)

Anyways, after Silvester was suspended, his friend Gannon Ward launched a GoFundMe to support the officer. To the dismay of the entire left, the fund raised over $70k in 24 hours. Once it hit that milestone, they decided to donate additional proceedings to the families of fallen officers and the fund then surged to over $120k!

“Nate is beside himself!,” Ward says in the GoFundMe post.

“He is SO GRATEFUL for everyone’s donations. He was literally speechless. He has decided to donate a portion to the charity The First Responders Children’s Foundation, a charity for the families of fallen officers and first responders. Therefore, I’m upping the goal again!,” he says.

Look below at the current total as of 3:45pm PST:

In case you missed it, here is the hilarious video that Silvester created mocking LeBron:

If you’d like to continue driving the left insane, consider donating to the fund here.

There is nothing more that would infuriate LeBron James more than knowing that money is going to cops and their families!

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