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Conservative Comedian Steven Crowder Receives Another Strike, Big-Tech Desperate to Deplatform Him

Justin Malonson



Steven crowder

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder revealed why he was suspended by YouTube in August until, conveniently,  just after the election, and why he received yet another strike which brings him dangerously close to a platform purging third-strike.

Crowder’s popular channel has almost 6 million subscribers and his show resonates with young Americans. That must absolutely terrify the big-tech overlords.

YouTube made the move in August by giving Crowder a “hard-strike” saying that the channel violated their “misinformation policy” because, during an interview with Candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake, Lake spoke about election integrity in her primary race.

The second strike came from an episode discussing Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. YouTube claims they the segment is a violation of their deliberately opaque guidelines without initially providing details.  Later in the day, Crowder revealed Youtube informed him the episode violates their “Harassment, threats and cyber-bulling guidelines.”

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The Gateway Pundit reported on Crowder’s suspension in August and  the suspension of his entire page through the end of 2021 for an undefined “hate speech” violation. Crowder has been suspended close to ten times!

Crowder responded to receiving the latest strike and shared the following on Instagram:

I’ve been here before, but this one is… very different. YouTube has issued yet ANOTHER hard strike to the channel. No specifics have been provided but they claim that our segment on Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is a violation of their deliberately opaque guidelines. Why is this one more severe than the others?

Well, it’s our 2nd “strike” in 90 days. 3 strikes means permanent removal. Do you remember the reason for our last strike?

It was due to none other than @karilake pointing to election-related issues for a primary IN WHICH SHE WON!!
Look, we are going into an election season. One where, if the scales of media were balanced, conservative Republicans would win in a landslide!

They can’t have that. Make no mistake, there is a reason that these two strikes directly relate to
⁃ a future governor who has spoken out against big tech
⁃ Support of a man (Musk) whose purchase and plan for a big tech platform would fundamentally allow more free and fair media coverage of elections.

It’s also no coincidence that this happened as we were nearing 100,000,000 plays/downloads within 30 days. It’s not about the number. It’s about YOU choosing truth over their lies. So what do we do? Do we roll over and die?

Hell no! Starting Monday through November 17th (back on YouTube on November 21st), we will be streaming exclusively on Rumble and of course the extended show on #MugClub as we always do.

Make no mistake, the machine is in full force. They are deathly afraid of you and the tectonic shift which is beginning to take place in our country.

Never give up, never surrender, and FIGHT LIKE HELL!!

See you Monday.

Once receiving details of the second strike, Crowder shared,”So today is a good day because we have Kari Lake on, that’s why I’m wearing a button down shirt.  But she’s throwing some support because she knows she’s the reason we were given a hard-strike on YouTube a while back so she kind of owes us. Future governor of Arizona. We’re going to have her on today, talk about some conspiracies that they’ve been circulating regarding her. Big tech right now, now we know DHS working with all the tech platforms. And more importantly, we get to do everything we could never do on YouTube….vaccines suck, masks don’t work…ahhhhh…I’m free!”

YouTube alternative Rumble commented on the suspension saying, “Immediately prior to the elections… one of, if not the largest conservative YouTuber just got another strike preventing him from streaming till after the elections.Rumble will have @scrowder’s back. LFG!”

The “offending” podcast in question can be viewed on Rumble.

Justin Malonson is an is an American internet entrepreneur, software developer, investor, author and technology executive. He is the founder of social-networking service Lyfeloop and CEO of international web-development agency Coastal Media Brand.

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