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‘Clearly Messed All Of That Up’: Vince Coglianese Lists All The Potential Reasons Why Biden’s Approval Ratings Are Plummeting

Brittany Jordan



Radio host and Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese said Monday that President Joe Biden’s popularity is sinking because he has “clearly messed” up on a host of important issues.


“The reality in Afghanistan is you don’t take the guns out before you take the civilians out,” Coglianese said on “Fox News Live.”

“The Biden administration clearly messed all of that up, and pretending like this is a resounding success that we’ve heard from the administration, the White House, from the Pentagon, and then from CNN pundits who carry on their talking points: it is just grotesque,” he continued. Coglianese noted that claiming success “is not a reflection of reality” when there are “hundreds of Americans stranded” in Afghanistan, as well as thousands of green card holders and Afghan allies. (RELATED: Biden’s Average Approval Falls Below 50% For The First Time As President)

The journalist and commentator noted that if Biden wants “to turn things around” he can start by saving American citizens from Afghanistan but also getting “control of the border” and “control of COVID[-19].”

“The Taliban are demanding all sorts of things in return for releasing American citizens numbering in the hundreds,” he said, calling that “an outrageous thing” that will continue to be “front and center in the minds of the public.”

Coglianese also listed controlling inflation and getting “the economy up and running” as two other “huge tasks” facing the president.

Politico reporter Betsy Swan agreed Sunday that Biden’s diminished job approval ratings are a consequence of the “totality of everything that happened since April” and the Afghanistan withdrawal has only made things worse.

NBC host Chuck Todd showed polls of Biden’s approval rating among independent voters hitting 36% during a segment of “Meet the Press.” (RELATED: ‘I Cannot Believe The Generals Who Won’t Resign’: Former SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Slams Military Leadership Over Afghanistan)

President Joe Biden speaks from the Treaty Room in the White House about the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan on Apr. 14, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced his plans to pull all remaining U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by September 11, 2021 in a final step towards ending America’s longest war. (Photo by Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images)

Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 43%, according to an NPR poll released Thursday.

The conservative group America First Legal is demanding an investigation into how the Biden administration executed America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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