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CCP Responsible for Tragic Dictatorship in North Korea

Brittany Jordan



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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is responsible for the tragedy in North Korea and the latter “couldn’t function” without them, according to North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park.

In an interview with EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program, Park, who is the author of “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” said the CCP has played, and continues to play, a huge role in “enabling dictatorship” within her home country.

“Without China, the kingdom [of North Korea] can never exist,” Park said. “And the only reason that North Korea lasted this long, almost eight years at this point, is because of the CCP.

“Without China, North Korea cannot function even one day, even when talking about missile tests. North Korea doesn’t have oil, Kim Jong Un cannot even drive his Benz [Mercedes Benz] one day without China giving them oil, so how do you test nukes if you don’t get any oil from them? You don’t.

“And this is the thing, people don’t know who is actually responsible for this tragedy; it’s China. And of course, Kim Jong Un is responsible partially but when it comes to accountability, China’s way, way bigger, they are enabling this dictatorship.”

Park spoke of the “brainwashing” tactics used to oppress the North Korean people, including starvation, torture, and systematic rape along with limited education.

“There’s a thing in North Korea, as an average person, you eat the lunch, but then you worry about dinner. You worry about dinner, ‘how am I going to find dinner?’ When you find a dinner, you’re going to be like, ‘okay, I made it one day, but how am I going to survive tomorrow?’

“We don’t know if we’re going to find food for tomorrow or not. So every single minute of your existence, you’re worrying about your survival, worrying about finding food. So when you’re worrying about your own survival every single minute, you’re not going to think about ‘what is freedom? What’s the meaning of life?’

“We don’t question anything, we’re so desperate and so that’s why it’s so easy for the regime to control the population when they’re so weak, and so desperate, they have no time for thinking about anything other than just surviving and finding food. In a way, it is [a] very effective way to control the population, but it is a torture.

“Being starved is worse than being raped, it is a worst form of torture you can experience and that’s how the regime is using this diversion as a tool, to control its millions and millions of North Koreans in this 21st century.”

Park also noted that a huge number of North Koreans have escaped the country and fled to China but many of them face further torture and limited freedom even after fleeing, with a huge number of women being sex trafficked.

“At this point, there are about 300,000 North Koreans hiding in China. Most of them are women and all of them being trafficked literally, 99 percent of them are,” Park explained.

“The thing is, North Koreans are not recognized by the Chinese government as refugees, they call us fugitives, so they try to catch us and then send us back to North Korea, which is like catching Jews and sending them back to concentration camps. It’s a crime against humanity.”

Park pointed out parallels between her own experiences in North Korea and what she now sees in America, particularly during her time studying at Columbia University.

The author noted that, much like in North Korea, America’s education system has adopted a specific ideology when it comes to teaching the history of the country, which she deems “the suicide of Western civilization.”

“In every single class, the conclusion is that the American Foundation is a bigot, the foundation, the constitution is like a bigot tree, and a racist and white supremacist, the only way we can do this again, is by tearing down every single thing that we have, and we build up whatever the paradise they are describing,” Park said.

“And this is being implanted by every single person going to Columbia. And even the evolution class, the conclusion was about the side of the white man’s aggression.

“So it was just so heartbreaking that academia could not be away from this ideology, it’s not about discovering the truth. It’s all about being politically correct. And it’s just heartbreaking, seeing the suicide of Western civilization.”

Brittany Jordan is an award-winning journalist who reports on breaking news in the U.S. and globally for the Federal Inquirer. Prior to her position at the Federal Inquirer, she was a general assignment features reporter for Newsweek, where she wrote about technology, politics, government news and important global events around the world. Her work has also appeared in the Washington Post, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Toronto Star, Frederick News-Post, West Hawaii Today, the Miami Herald, and more. Brittany enjoys food, travel, photography, and hoarding notebooks and journals. Her goal is to do more longform features journalism, narrative writing and documentary work, and to one day write a successful novel and screenplay.

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