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BUCKLE UP: Biden Regime Steps Up Attacks To Censor Conservative Media For “Misinformation”

Ashley Jarrett



The Sunday morning “news” shows that serve as delivery systems for the Biden regime’s propaganda advanced the chilling idea that dissenting viewpoints need to be censored.

To do their dirty work, the administration dispatched US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to rail against “misinformation” which he blamed on conservative media.


During an appearance on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” Murthy was asked by host Dana Bash whether conservative media like Fox News were responsible for killing people.

Murthy responded; “Well Dana, I think all of us, including the media, including individuals, health professionals, have a responsibility to share the truth about health as science dictates, as science informs us. And, you know, unless we do that unless we are honest about the consequences of our communication with people, unless we are rigorous about ensuring that what we communicate is actually sourced from science and not from an opinion on critical issues like the vaccine, then we are going to ultimately put people at risk.”

The Surgeon General also voiced support for the Democrats’ drive to legalize marijuana and the importance of “the science” to political policymaking.

The regime continues to invoke “the science” as justification for their creeping totalitarianism, but how trustworthy is “the science” when every institution in the nation has become corrupted by politics which has only served to increase distrust?

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Murthy was introduced into the equation this week when he delivered an advisory declaring war on what he called “health misinformation” as the government continues to embrace the censoring of anything that does not adhere to the official party line.

It is brutally obvious that Biden and his handlers are furious over the major political embarrassment that was inflicted upon him when 70 percent of Americans didn’t obey by lining up and rolling up their sleeves to be “jabbed” by July 4th. As a result, Biden is lashing out in ways that are not only decidedly un-American but would have previously been unthinkable.

In a rare rebuke to Biden, Facebook accused the regime of scapegoating the social network for the abysmal results of the White House’s vaccination drive and on Sunday, Trump goaded Biden by issuing a statement rubbing salt into the wound by mocking him for being way “behind schedule.”

According to the ex-POTUS; “He’s not doing well at all. He’s way behind schedule, and people are refusing to take the Vaccine because they don’t trust his Administration, they don’t trust the Election results, & they certainly don’t trust the Fake News, which is refusing to tell the Truth.”

Trump’s statement is the equivalent of waving a red cape at a charging bull and will only make Biden more determined to exact terrible revenge against his supporters.

There are flashing warning signs that the Biden regime is unlike anything ever seen before in America and the complete abandonment of their traditional duties by the mainstream press is going to usher in a very “dark winter” where tens of millions of Americans will be “othered” by the federal government in what will be an unprecedented campaign of dehumanization and repression that isn’t going to stop with the vaccines.

Formerly an online tech and science reporter at The Sun Online, Ashley stepped up to the mantle of technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph late last year. She writes about everything from drones, web security and cryptocurrency to social media apps, like Facebook and Spotify, and technology brands including Apple and Toshiba.

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