BIDEN'S BORDER: MS-13 Member Caught Among Border-Crossers in Arizona

BIDEN'S BORDER: MS-13 Member Caught Among Border-Crossers in Arizona

The migrants just keep on coming. Some of them children, some of them full-blown adults, some of them previously deported gang members. Are we be surprised? Of course not.

The Democrats and all of the mainstream media will continue to highlight “the children” to appeal to the altruistic nature of many Americans. They will go on to brush over the dangerous individuals that the United States government is letting into the country. The administration continually indirectly encourages poor central American migrants to keep flooding over illegally.

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Not only are the hundreds of thousands of migrants coming in to dilute the vote of the Americans and ultimately forever change the political landscape of the nation. They are also bringing their hyper-violent criminal elements with them. Of course not all migrants are violent criminals, but criminals are flooding in nonetheless. The temptation of taking advantage of the weak borders and perceived weak sovereignty of the United States is far too appealing the the thugs.

Early Monday morning, Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents, apprehended an MS-13 gang member who had been previously deported under Donald Trump. The agents came across the man by the name of Harry Williams Payes-Mejia, a 46-year old active member of the notorious gang. He was found traveling as part of a group of three who were entering into US territory illegally through the San Luis Port of entry. When the agents came across the group they took them to the Yuma station for identification and further processing.

Undated photo of Harry Williams Payes-Mejia. (U.S. Customs and Border Patrol)

Payes-Mejia has several felony convictions and has served time in prison. Thankfully, this time around the Patrol Agents were able to apprehend a criminal attempting to enter US territory under the current seemingly lax illegal immigration procedures. Since the gang member has been removed from the US a number of time, he will be prosecuted for re-entry, and will be subsequently turned over to the US Marshalls for his warrant.