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Biden To Call On UN General Assembly To Vaccinate 70% Of The World .

Justin Malonson



Biden To Call On UN General Assembly To Vaccinate 70% Of The World .

White House documents obtained by the New York Times show Joe Biden will soon ask world leaders to join forces in a global vaccination push.

The Times reported on an invitation to a virtual global Covid-19 summit taking place next week.

The invite was sent to world leaders and stakeholders who will be gathered for the UN General Assembly meeting.

According to the invitation, Joe Biden will “call on chiefs of state, heads of government and international organizations, business, philanthropic, and nongovernmental leaders to come together to commit to ending the Covid-19 pandemic.”

One goal Biden will allegedly push is for 70% of the world’s population to be fully vaccinated within one year.

The 70% goal is quite ambitious as only a third of the globe is currently fully vaccinated.

Biden will also be asking wealthy countries to purchase or donate 1 billion doses of vaccines.

$10 billion dollars will be pledged by participating countries over the next two years to “combat hesitancy,” which means a global propaganda operation.

Using Covid to usher in total globalism, the summit wishes to establish a “leader-level Global Health Threats Council (GHTC) in 2021,” and “a ministerial health and finance board.”

The Biden plea to world leaders will kick off a new, globalized effort to combat Covid by rolling out draconian measures as seen in Australia worldwide.

See the document below!

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