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Biden Confuses Trump and Obama, Says it Was a “Freudian Slip” (VIDEO)

Justin Malonson



Joe Biden traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania on Wednesday to deliver remarks on US manufacturing.

Biden confused Trump and Obama when talking about the 2009 ‘Great Recession.’

Then in an attempt to cover up his obvious dementia, he claimed it was just a “Freudian slip.”

“Back in 2009, during the so-called ‘Great Recession,’ the President asked me to be in charge of managing that piece – then-President Trump – excuse me, Freudian slip – that was the last president – he caused–anyway, President Obama when I was Vice President,” said Biden.

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Biden also lied to the truck manufacturer and falsely claimed he used to drive an 18 wheeler.

“And, anyway, I used to drive an 18 wheeler, man! I had to!” Biden said.

Justin Malonson is a successful author, investigative reporter and the host of the Freedom Not Control Radio Show. As a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in software development Justin is one of the most highly sought-after tech entrepreneurs today.

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