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Biden Administration Sending Wild Horses to Slaughter

Ashley Jarrett



Two years ago, the Bureau of Land Management, set up an incentives programs to encourage people to adopt Mustang horses and give them a good home. It was expensive to adopt, but thousands of people signed up for it.

It has now come to light that many of those horses which were adopted to supposedly be sent to a “good home,” ended up in slaughterhouses. A government program which was designed to “save” wild horses, is instead sending them to slaughterhouses.

Carol Walker, a horse photographer and advocate went on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and said that the program was “not really designed to save wild horses” but a way for the Bureau to “launder them.” She continued, “basically to get them out, get rid of them, and not be responsible for sending them to slaughter.”

“At the time that they set this program up in 2019, I was horrified because I knew what was going to happen,” she noted, “and what happens is [that] people will take the horses, they’ll take the money – they’re $1000 – and then they’ll take them to auctions and get another, say, 500 for them, and the horses go to slaughter.”

Ms. Walker said that this is not a solution. She then suggested a solution saying that what is actually needed is for the Bureau of Land Management to stop rounding up wild horses, to manage them on our federal public lands, humanly, and use birth control “instead of rounding them up and removing them and then stockpiling them.”

The guest explained that the bureau spent seventy million dollars last year warehousing the wild horses “this is 70% of their budget,” she noted. She went on to explain that they just got an extra $35 million for round-ups and warehousing horses, and that they are planning to take over 90 thousand horses over the next five years and stockpile them.

Ms. Walker explained that it would be more cost-effective to manage the horses on American public lands, not to mention, much more humane.

Formerly an online tech and science reporter at The Sun Online, Ashley stepped up to the mantle of technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph late last year. She writes about everything from drones, web security and cryptocurrency to social media apps, like Facebook and Spotify, and technology brands including Apple and Toshiba.

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