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Located in our nations capital, the Federal Inquirer focuses on topics  Americans care about. Since its founding, the Federal Inquirer’s has grown as many Americans turn to digital news sources and as many Americans continue to lose trust in the purportedly unbiased nature of older newspapers and networks, Federal Inquirer is addressing this gap as a trusted news source for the stories and views that are largely untold or ignored by traditional news outlets.

Founded as a counter to the establishment media that primarily shares news and opinion from a decidedly liberal perspective, Federal Inquirer believes it is important that we are transparent about our beliefs and perspectives and how it may shape our news and opinion priorities.  Our focus is to make editorial choices that address the gap in the politically liberal leanings of establishment media outlets.

Our website covers breaking news and provides opinion on the most pressing issues of the day.

Editorially, The Federal Inquirer espouses politically conservative world view that support conservative positions on most issues, including abortion, national defense, small government, second amendment rights, tax policy, individual freedom and Constitutional values.

All Ethics and Editorial standards stem from the following values.


  • All our content should be true. No value is more important than this.
  • This does not preclude the use of opinion — opinion is vital to political and cultural commentary. But all opinions expressed must be supported by truth.


  • All Federal Inquirer content should be excellent, both in production and in the promotion of virtue.


  • We must have courage in order expose the truth about powerful interests that may be angered by our coverage.
  • Within the context of our broader values, The Federal Inquirer encourages its employees and readers to speak up when they disagree about a company decision or editorial position that they think contradicts or compromises the organization’s mission in any way.


  • Every person in our news organization has unique gifts, a unique background, and a story that can contribute to the excellence of the whole company. We encourage everyone in our company to speak their minds, and we do not shoot down the discussion of ideas and always encourage honest debate.