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 Located in Florida, Federal Inquirer focuses on topics Americans care about. Since its founding, the Federal Inquirer has grown as many Americans turn to digital news sources and as many Americans continue to lose trust in the purportedly unbiased nature of older newspapers and networks, Federal Inquirer is addressing this gap as a trusted news source for the stories and views that are largely untold or ignored by traditional news outlets. Our website covers breaking news and provides opinion on the most pressing issues of the day.


The Federal Inquirer was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing a trusted source of information to counter the dominant media. Even world leaders rely on us from time to time, but we primarily cater to readers who are not directly involved in politics. We deliver facts, commentary and celebration for American values of freedom, family and faith. Freedom, Faith and Family: 26 years at The Federal Inquirer!

The Federal Inquirer is a “patriotic” newspaper committed to showcasing the true voice of U.S. citizens. And we do this by reporting national news that others are not, telling stories unheard of and exposing Washington to our readers from all over the country. Founded in 1996, The Federal Inquirer has been a leading provider of investigative journalism and hard-hitting scoops as well as providing honest reporting for both Democrats and Republicans for years since its creation.

Since the beginning, The Federal Inquirer has been reporting from Florida and all over the world. We’ve earned the trust of our readers and won the recognition of others with our reporting, opinion and design work. Some of our staff have won national and local awards for breaking news and deadline writing, investigative work, columns, book reviews and movie reviews. We’ve faced criticism but we will not back down from investigating to find facts and provide that truth. While some people have chosen to focus on the quality of our work, others have persisted in taking cheap shots and making false statements. The aim of The Federal Inquirer has always been to share American leaders’ knowledge, so they can defend America and make our nation into a global force for good.

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