3 Republican Congressman Dead in the past 5 Days

Virginia Senator Ben Chafin

3 Republican Congressman with strong support for President Trump have mysteriously died in the past 5 Days leading to multiple active independent investigations by journalists and private investigation firms across the United States.

Republican Luke Letlow and Donald Trump

(Louisiana Republican Congressman-elect Luke Letlow and Donald Trump pictured above.)

First, On December 30, 2020 The Monroe News-Star reported that Louisiana Republican Congressman-elect Luke Letlow had died from COVID complications at 41.

Next, On January. 1, 2021 The Daily Press reported Virginia Republican Senator Ben Chafin ( pictured below with President Trump) dies from COVID-19 complications at the age of 60.

Virginia Senator Ben Chafin

Today NBC Philadelphia Pennsylvania State Republican Congressman Mike Reese died of a surprise Brain Aneurysm at the very young age of 42.

Odds makers say its more than a million to 1 chance this would happen. Chafin, who represented parts of the NRV and far Southwest, becomes the first member of the General Assembly to die from COVID-19. It is reported that Letlow was put on to ventilator when not needed. Family and friends close to Rep. Mike Reese all said he was in good health. As GOP members of the Senate and House prepare to de-certify the fraudulent votes for Joe Biden  leading to the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th this has sparked outrage among many citizens leading to multiple investigations.

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